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After a two-year hiatus Le Dîner en Blanc returns to Vancouver. Here's everything you need to know

We wonder where the Eiffel Tower will pop up this year.
Diner en Blanc
Dîner en Blanc is back for another year but with limited capacity so first-timers are encouraged to register now.

Until recently, a sea of brilliant white would descend on a public landmark once a year. The impeccably dressed crowd decked out with picnic baskets, tables, chairs, and real stemware (that part is crucial, it says so on the website) would gather around a white Tour Eiffel and wine and dine the balmy summer evening away surrounded by cirque performers, music, and art.

Such is the magic of Le Dîner en Blanc which after a two-year COVID hiatus is back this summer.

Like many other events in Vancouver that were missed in 2020 and 2021, the summer of 2022 social calendar is filling rapidly with all of our favourite events making a triumphant return. This year's Dîner en Blanc will take place on August 18 at a secret location that won't be revealed until the day of.

How to get tickets to Dîner en Blanc

The waitlist is open now for first-timers who want to sign up to buy tickets but the event operates under an exclusive member system that prioritizes previous year's guests and then new guests who have been nominated by last year's guests. Any remaining spots will be doled out to people on the waitlist. When teasing that the event will be "an evening à la française" and a great opportunity for the "community to shop local and support neighbourhood vendors," co-founder of the Tyson Villeneuve also said that this year's capacity will be limited so people should register early.

Once on the list with tickets secured, there are several rules that attendees are required to follow. Guests must be dressed elegantly in all-white; originality is celebrated but it must be tasteful.

Guests must also bring white chairs and a white table cloth and if people are bringing their own food it must be in a picnic basket with proper stemware and white dinnerware. Catered baskets - which in previous years were fulfilled by Hawskworth - are available for pre-purchase through the e-store as are white wine and champagne since people are not permitted to bring their own alcohol to the event.

Dîner en Blanc is hosted in partnership with the Social Concierge and previous locations have included Van Dusen Gardens, George Wainborn Park in Yaletown, and in 2017 the event was so large it took over two locations, Harbour Green Park and Devonian Park in Coal Harbour.

Tickets start at $48 plus a $10 membership fee and then transportation and catering add-ons can be put on top of that.

Le Dîner en Blanc

When: Thursday, August 18, 2022

Where: Secret location

Cost: $48 + $10 membership fee for first-timers