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Locals share snaps of massive film set at Vancouver Convention Centre (PHOTOS)

A local also shared an image from a film set in a Metro Vancouver park.
Locals are sharing images of film sets in local parks as well as in the Vancouver Convention Centre for The Flash in August 2021.

Have you spotted some actors in Metro Vancouver recently?

Locals are sharing images of film sets in local parks as well as Downtown Vancouver. 

A park-goer took to Twitter on Sunday (Aug. 29) to share a photo of a group of actors on Shore Pine Point in West Vancouver's Lighthouse Park. They comment that it "looks like a sci-fi show. The girl on the ground is in red makeup kind of like an alien."

On Monday morning people shared snaps of a massive film set for The Flash at the Vancouver Convention Centre.

Now in its eighth season, The Flash is about a superhero who assumes his awesome powers after being struck by lightning. explains how the protagonist "Barry Allen wakes up from his coma to discover he's been given the power of super speed, becoming the next Flash, fighting crime in Central City."

According to Hollywood North Buzz - YVRShoots, the show is filming its "Armageddon" scenes at the downtown location. 

Upcoming Vancouver film locations

A local has also shared a resident notification letter for the show Firefly Lane that is set to film at the "Dog Beach" in North Vancouver's Inter River Park on Wednesday. Currently, the film crew is on site setting up for the shoot. 

While there won't be special effects or gunfire, the letter states that there will be some atmospheric smoke as well as lights on lifts that will "make the area brighter than usual."