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Lululemon announces SeaWheeze half marathon is no more

No need to lace up your shoes this September.
Lululemon’s annual SeaWheeze Half Marathon and Sunset Festival was last held in person in 2019. As of now, the event has been permanently called off in Vancouver.

In late summer/early fall each year Lululemon hosted a half marathon and 10K along the Vancouver waterfront called the SeaWheeze.

The event, which was half rave atmosphere and half athletic competition, has unfortunately come to an end, with a recent tweet announcing the event will not be returning in 2022, or at all.

The event has been running (no pun intended) for 10 years but the pandemic forced a shift to a virtual marathon last year. However, the goodbye still comes as a surprise after last year's messaging suggested that the race would be back.

There has been no word on why SeaWheeze is permanently cancelled but the video that accompanied the announcement featured a look back at the fun moments and promised that Lululemon would be introducing a new start line, perhaps teasing a future marathon announcement.

Lululemon's website does suggest that there are 10K races coming to Atlanta and Huston with registration opening on June 16. The 10K will be a multi-city race series "that brings the fun well beyond the finish line," according to the web page.

Perhaps Vancouver can expect something similar to replace SeaWheeze. The marathon was always less about winning and more of a call to self-improvement that also raised funds for various charitable causes. Last year they were Back on my Feet, Black Men Run, and Girls on the Run.

We will eagerly await the next announcement to fill the void it leaves in the September events calendar.