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Lumière light show to shine once more in Vancouver’s West End (PHOTOS)

Including a 12-foot-tall illuminated beaver the public will get to name!

A series of bright and colourful light displays will once again shine and twinkle throughout several Vancouver neighbourhoods this winter.

All part of the eighth installment of the Lumière light show, the show runs from November 12-30 and will feature new and familiar displays at English Bay, Jim Deva Plaza, Granville Island and Bentall Centre in Downtown Vancouver. 

One installment at English Bay will take the form of a dazzling 12-foot-tall beaver whose name will be chosen by the public prior to the event’s launch.

Jim Deva Plaza is also set to host two new art installations including the ‘Helianthus Enorme’, a massive sunflower from Portland standing at more than 25-feet-tall. The location’s second art installation, known as ‘Twin Harmonic Amplified Neuro-Knowledge Stimulator’ (T.H.A.N.K.S.), is designed to amplify feelings of gratitude according to a Lumière release. 

The Bentall Centre will play home to ‘Parasol’, one-of-a-kind mushroom-like structures that fuse nature and innovative light design. Each of the five, nine-foot-tall sculptures contains 40 fins to mimic the underbelly of a mushroom. Parasol will take on a new life when animated with colourful patterns that react to music providing an exceptional visual experience for visitors enjoying the patio in the evening.

Additionally, on the Dunsmuir Patio at Bentall Centre, ‘Canopy Lights’ a 55 LED string light structure will allow people to see their voice translated to light patterns creating an immersive light and sound experience to interact with the canopy in a whole new way.

Downtown Vancouver’s third installation, ‘Chromatic Blocks’ on the Burrard Benches, invites guests to get lost in light and colour when physically immersing yourself inside the cubes to explore a stunning gradient visual.

Located on Granville Island, ‘A Beacon of Light’, adds colour and light to the Courtyard of the Public Market. This 12-pointed, 22-foot-tall illuminated star shines bright enough to be spotted from the West End. Alongside this is the 14-foot-tall ‘Alder Bay Star’ which dazzles as it hangs off Granville Island’s furthest point of land.

For a map of each display location and additional information, you can visit Lumière’s website.