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V.I.A. Podcast Ep. 63: Celebrating the Caesar at 50 and music from Devours

Toasting Canada's iconic cocktail with Barb Snelgrove, and talking Iconoclast with musician Devours.

How do you like your Caesar? The beloved Canadian cocktail is celebrating a milestone this year, and is marking its half-century as our national adult beverage. In honour of the occasion, there's a new book out called The Caesar. 50 Years. 50 Stories: Celebrating a half-century of Canada's National Cocktail

One of those 50 stories belongs to Vancouverite Barb Snelgrove. The media personality stopped by the V.I.A. studios for a chat about how she came to be known for her Caesar-making skills, how she came to be included in the book, and what goes in her perfect Caesar.

 Barb Snelgrove in the V.I.A. studio. Photo by Lindsay William-RossBarb Snelgrove in the V.I.A. studio. Photo by Lindsay William-Ross

We also sit down with "defiantly queer" musician Jeff Cancade, aka Devours to discuss his current release, Iconoclast, his journey to Vancouver and his recording career, and his unique expression of identity onstage and in song. Plus: Devours shares a stripped-down version of his song "Garnet Graves" with V.I.A. Podcast listeners.

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Show notes for Ep. 63:


Produced and hosted by Lindsay William-Ross and Adam Nanji. Our Associate Producer and Editor is Albert Van Santvoort. Additional support from Bob Kronbauer and Elana Shepert.

We record in the studio at Glacier Media, 303 West 5th Avenue in Mt Pleasant.

Theme song is Vancouver BC by The Smugglers ©1990, available on iTunes.

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