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Vancouverites ask Ryan Reynolds to ‘save the Canucks’ as actor plans to buy Canadian hockey team

"Make five or six more Deadpools and you can afford it."
Ryan Reynolds is interested in buying the Canadian NHL team Ottawa Senators and Vancouverites are not happy about it.

Ryan Reynolds is interested in buying a Canadian hockey team and Vancouverites are not happy about it. 

The Vancouver actor is eyeing the Ottawa Senators if an opportunity to buy the NHL team arises. This isn't Reynolds' first time tampering with professional sports teams. 

Along with fellow actor Rob McElhenney, Reynolds purchased the Welsh football club Wrexham AFC back in February last year. He made a TV show about it too, which has been nominated for the Freedom of Wrexham award, the city's top award. 

Reynolds hinted at his interest in purchasing the Ottawa Senators with a single emoji. 

Vancouverites are disappointed at the news. 

"Please buy the Canucks instead!" one Vancouverite writes on Twitter. Others chime in asking the Vancouver-born actor to consider his hometown's hockey team.

Many more are bringing other Vancouver celebrities into the conversation, including Michael Bublé and Seth Rogen, in part because both hockey teams can be costly for the actor.

Other Vancouverites have different suggestions, including bringing a basketball team back to Vancouver.