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Here's why Scouts Canada named Ryan Reynolds among the top 'badge-worthy' celebrities

Reynolds is described as a "quintuple threat."
Reynolds, Celine Dion, Terry Fox, Keanu Reeves, Elliot Page, and Dan Levy are among the celebrities Scouts Canada selected for its badge-worthy 2022 list.

Is sarcasm a winning personality trait? 

According to Scouts Canada, adept sarcasm is worthy of one of its coveted badges — and it's also the trademark of one of Vancouver's most beloved actors. 

Homegrown Hollywood heavyweight Ryan Reynolds is known for a great deal more than just his witty repertoire, of course. But the actor's starring roles in the Deadpool franchise — where his dry humour is on full display — have placed him among the industry's most highly sought-after talent. 

Scouts Canada recently surveyed its members to determine Canada’s most "Scout badge-worthy" celebrities of 2022 as well as to define why they deserved the declaration. The results include a collection of Canadian celebrities, from actors to athletes and advocates. 

“We celebrate the accomplishments of our Scouting youth and volunteers regularly with achievement badges for personal progression, leadership, outdoor adventure skills and more; there seemed to be a great opportunity to recognize Canadian public figures that reflect the core values of Scouting,” said Justin Chenier, Scouts Canada’s National Youth Commissioner.

“Scouting gives kids a world of opportunities to discover what they’re great at, their ‘thing.’ These public figures have not only found their thing, but they’ve also demonstrated admirable qualities that inspire Canadians.”

Ryan Reynolds among "Scout badge-worthy" celebs 

Environmentalist Autumn Peltier claimed the top spot on the list, making her the most "Scout badge-worthy" celeb in Canada. She was only 12 years old in 2016 when she confronted Prime Minister Justin Trudeau about his unfulfilled promise to protect the county's water. Since then, she has used her platform to advocate for clean drinking water around the world.

"As the Chief Water Commissioner for Anishinabek Nation in Ontario, Autumn is an outstanding example of what youth are capable of as today’s leaders, and the immense impact can achieve," notes Scouts Canada.

Following Peltier, Reynolds snatched the second spot on the list, awarded the badge of  "quintuple treat" by the co-ed youth organization. They used five metrics to describe his success: actor, businessman, advertising magnate, family man, comedian.

Many of the scouts also voted that he is "badge-worthy" because he actively keeps Canadians sarcastic. Similarly, several members noted that he is the "most marvellous antihero."

Powerhouse French-Canadian singer Celine Dion cinched the third position and was awarded the Scout badge "Coeur du Canada" for being "proudly Canadian o matter where in the world she is performing. Members also voted that she has a very distinct, signature sound, while others noted that she has remained in the spotlight since age five. 

Terry Fox was voted into the fourth spot for "bringing Canadians together." The organization praised his "resiliency and determination united the country in support of his Marathon of Hope."

The Canadian athlete was also praised as the "longest running hero" because his incredible legacy as a humanitarian and Cancer research advocate will never fade.

Rounding out the top five, Elliot Page was voted the "to thine own self be true" badge for his authenticity and educating Canadians "on what it means to be allies."

  Here are the top 10 "Scout badge-worthy" celebs

  1. Autumn Peltier
  2. Ryan Reynolds
  3. Celine Dion
  4. Terry Fox
  5. Keanu Reeves
  6. Elliot Page
  7. Sandra Oh
  8. Dan Levy
  9. Crystal Emmanuel
  10. Iman Vellani