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Sci-fi exhibition opening at Richmond Art Gallery in April

The exhibition is headlining Cinevolution Media Arts Society's annual Digital Carnival Z event.
Union digital art exhibition
Ian Nakamoto, Nancy Lee and Kiran Bhumber, engraving at the cusp, 2020, white-light scan and digital render.

Richmond Art Gallery (RAG) is partnering with Richmond-based Cinevolution Media Arts Society for a sci-fi exhibition on the ideas of intimacy, presence and cultural memories.

The exhibition titled UNION, created by Nancy Lee and Kiran Bhumber, will headline Cinevolution Media Arts Society’s annual flagship event, Digital Carnival Z starting April. 24.

The exhibit takes place in the year 3000, when the nation state has collapsed and physical contact and living spaces have been affected by a viral air pollutant.

UNION is about two beings discovering their ancestral memories through the longing for touch and rituals practiced in their post-apocalyptic wedding ceremony,” reads the event’s website.

According to the RAG, the exhibit will feature an extended reality component – real and virtual environments generated by computer technology – as well as a performance, sculptures and sound and video installations.

“Drawing on parallels between our world and the speculative future while working through the artists’ diasporic identifies, Union is a potent critique of modern surveillance capitalism, but also a gesture towards hope through the generative possibilities of intimacy, performativity and presence,” says the RAG exhibition page.

UNION will be exhibited at the art gallery from April 24 to June 5.

For more information, visit the Richmond Art Gallery online.