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See T-rex come to life at Science World’s new ‘Ultimate Predator’ exhibit (PHOTOS)

Journey into the realm of the prehistoric world’s most fearsome predator.  🦖

From fluffy and gangly to massive killing machine, Science World’s latest exhibit will tell the scaley tale of the prehistoric world’s most fearsome predator. 
T. rex: The Ultimate Predator will be on display at Science World from Feb. 26 until January, 22 2023. The exhibit will showcase the entire tyrannosaur family, revealing the story of the most iconic dinosaur in the world through life-sized models, fossil casts, and engaging interactives. 
Tracy Redies, Science World’s president and CEO said the exhibit will have much to offer for all ages.
“Visitors can enjoy facts, visuals and engaging exhibits that will be sure to surprise and delight each person who walks through,” Redies said. “There is still so much to learn from these wonderful creatures that walked the earth millions of years ago.” 
The exhibit will also feature reconstructions of a T. rex hatchling and a four-year-old juvenile T. rex as well as a “roar mixer” where visitors can imagine what T. rex may have sounded like by blending sounds from other animals. There will also be a shadow theatre featuring a floor projection of an adult T. rex skeleton coming to life and a life-sized animation of T. rex in a Cretaceous environment that responds to visitors’ movements according to a release from Science World.

“This exhibition encourages visitors to engage in investigation with imagination and explore how the Tyrannosaurus rex may have looked and behaved over 66 million years ago,” the release stated. “As visitors tour the gallery, they’ll examine the T. rex in all stages of its life, from a young, furry baby, to a massive, fully grown apex predator through its 100 million years of evolution.”
Parker McLean, a curator at Science World, explained exploring how dinosaurs may have looked and behaved is made by both investigating clues in fossils and inferential reasoning
“T. rex is a pop-culture icon and most of us have preconceptions of how this creature looked and behaved,” McLean said. “The continuing process of discovering more fossils and new ways to observe them has advanced our understanding of this magnificent creature’s life from youth into adulthood and we are excited for this to be presented in the exhibition.” 
For more information on T. rex, The Ultimate Predator and how to get tickets you can check out Science World’s website.