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Seth Rogen is making pottery for pot smoking and Vancouverites can't get enough of it (PHOTOS)

Check out his smokin' pots, perfect for smokin' pot
Vancouver actor Seth Rogen shares his love of pot and pottery on his social media channels.

If you've taken a scroll through any of Seth Rogen's social media of late, you've probably noticed a great deal of pottery--as well as pot. 

The famous cannabis connoisseur is a huge fan of handmade pottery, which he proudly showcases on his Twitter and Instagram accounts. However, he didn't pick up the artistic pastime during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

While countless people picked up new hobbies to beat lockdown boredom or keep the pandemic blues at bay, moulding clay is something the Vancouver-born actor has long enjoyed.

Avid ashtray collector

An avid ashtray collector, Rogen has displayed numerous vintage, unique, and downright adorable smoking companions on his social media. In 2019, he displayed some ceramic ashtrays he'd crafted on his Instagram account, noting that he may have joined a pottery studio so he could start crafting his own ashtrays. 


A post shared by Seth (@sethrogen)


Rogen's love-affair with pottery didn't stop at ashtrays, however. In May 2019 the funnyman shared an image of some vases he'd created, complete with colourful flowers. Shortly after, he even made an ashtray with a matching vase. 


A post shared by Seth (@sethrogen)


A post shared by Seth (@sethrogen)


Matching sets of pottery 

After he shared his first matching ashtray and vase set, Rogen appeared to be taken with crafting sets. He shared several sets on Instagram, where he experiments with new colours, textures, and shapes. 

Pot and pottery are poetry in motion in an August 2019 post, where the Vancouver-born actor displays how his latest creation comes equipped with a removable lid, perfect for disposing of ash. He also ashes his joint into the little ash-pot, so we don't have to do the heavy-lifting of imagining it ourselves (thanks, Seth).


A post shared by Seth (@sethrogen)


Do you ever lose your lighter? 

You are not alone if you have, and Rogen has moulded a solution-set for that, too. Instead of his original vase/ashtray combo, he shares an image of an ash-pot alongside a "little cup" for keeping his lighters. He adds that he always loses those little [expletives].


A post shared by Seth (@sethrogen)


Numerous people in Vancouver and around the world cannot get over that the Pineapple Express star is making pots, because he famously smokes so much of the green stuff.

In December 2019, the funnyman fully leans into the pun: "I started making pots. (May the puns ensue...)," and shares an adorable snap of a sweet little plant in a sandy pot. 



A post shared by Seth (@sethrogen)


Seth Rogen's pottery prowess 

Rogen's pottery prowess comes into full force shortly thereafter, where he showcases a striking range of shapes, colours, styles, and textures. He proudly mentions that he made the vases in nearly every post. 



A post shared by Seth (@sethrogen)


A post shared by Seth (@sethrogen)


Rogen's moulded creations have also inspired other artists on social media to share their work in comments under his posts, which has resulted in sales for some of them. In fact, one artist is even using the code "sethrogen" for discounts on their online store.

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