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Seth Rogen responds to hilarious viral TikTok about his 'kidnapping' (VIDEO)

Did Seth Rogen get kidnapped?
Vancouver actor Seth Rogen responds to a viral TikTok video that alleges the star may have been kidnapped by a ceramicist who posts on his social media.

Did Seth Rogen get kidnapped?

It's a question you probably haven't asked yourself but one that has inspired a viral video on TikTok. 

If you've taken a scroll through any of Seth Rogen's social media of late, you've probably noticed a great deal of pottery — as well as pot. 

The famous cannabis connoisseur is a huge fan of handmade pottery, which he proudly showcases on his Twitter and Instagram accounts. 

But not everyone is convinced the hometown funnyman is the one crafting the artistic pieces. 

TikTok creator Chris (chriscanbefunny on the social media platform) describes himself as a Los Angeles-based comedian and a "frequent faller." In his latest video, he explains the hypothesis behind Rogen's kidnapping. While he concedes that it would be possible for the Vancouver-born actor to make movies and sculpt pottery, he fears that a "shady ceramicist" has captured him. 

In order to create the facade of normalcy, the smooth criminal makes regular posts on the star's social media platforms. Chris wonders why people see so many "vases" and not any recent photos of his face. 

Seth sets the record straight 

While he says the video is "very funny," Rogen adds that it is "not at all true.

"I have not been kidnapped!" exclaims the actor in a Twitter post. "This is not a kidnapper writing this from Seth’s account! I promise!"

Have a look at the hilarious video.

Rogen's adorable doggo Zelda also confirms that her human is safe and sound. 

While countless people picked up new hobbies to beat lockdown boredom or keep the pandemic blues at bay, moulding clay is something the Vancouver-born actor has long enjoyed.

Take a journey through the evolution of the funnyman's pottery prowess and the unique ideas he crafted