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The Proof - Pierce Jordan

THE PROOF is a weekly roundup showcasing local creatives. A column for creatives to share their story and work, in a unique, concise format: each creative shows 8 pictures and answers 8 questions.

THE PROOF is a weekly roundup showcasing local creatives.  A column for creatives to share their story and work, in a unique, concise format: each creative shows 8 pictures and answers 8 questions. Past participants include Bob KronbauerOmer Arbel, Hannah Georgas, Carson TingLizzy KarpAndy Dixon, Graeme BerglundKaren Duncan of VOKRA - all living in Vancouver.

Pierce Jordan is an experienced artist and designer based in Vancouver, British Columbia. As a developed graphic and industrial designer he is driven by moments of engagement between people and brands and the intermediary emotions, memories and ideas that create these moments.  His work ranges from large scale outdoor stage design and installation, architectural and spatial design, to products and packaging, to websites and their associated content.

At the forefront of his artistic practice lies the simple but often over-looked foundations of Beauty and Experience; the serendipity of losing oneself to an experience, or the overwhelming emotional response elicited by beauty. Pierce Jordan taps into these rare but pure moments by engaging his work within the temporality of the present.



1. This is the Lean Light - a beautiful and versatile light that can be propped up against anything or laid across a ledge to pan light across surfaces

2. This is the top of my computer, I'm very particular with my stickers and where they come from. This is my third computer, and for it I have chosen the all black vinyl theme

3. A snapshot from my sound reactive light installation

4. Detail from some laser cut work on thin mahogany sheets

5. Detail from largest piece I've cut spanning 8 feet

6. One of my favourite lights I produce is the WAX LED - made from real wax each fixture is different every time and produces a warm yet eerie glow

7. 5 minute bike ride brings me here. Totally alone and quiet

8. I have lots of bags for lots of specific things


1.  Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I feel or tend to think I'm a fairly laid back and easy going person. I'm both an early bird and a night owl, I love watching the moon rise into the night and the opening of a new day as the sun rises. I enjoy a good balance of nature and city life. It's the small things in life that are actually the most important. 

2.  What drew you into light installation?

Light installation really came out of mixing various things I was currently interested in, such as atmosphere, spatial design and product design. Lighting gave me an outlet to combine all these streams into one practice. It's also just a really interesting field with lots of little sub-strains involving lighting production

3.  How would you describe your overall aesthetic?

It's always changing but generally my work deals with confusing angles or shades that make the viewer question space and their surroundings. What is normal and what is not, and questioning how we define normal in our own lives. My aesthetic would be seen as sharp and detailed, and always with a strong sense of engagement 

4.  What inspires your artwork?

I try and take in as much daily inspiration as I can, and always remain amazed at things and not have them fade into the background. The sky, for example, is the greatest show on earth and a lot of people forget its even there. 

A quote that I always remember - I actually saw it written outside a bar once - "If your dreams don't scare you they aren't big enough". Which is a quote from Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. It's something thats always excited me, coming up with some far too complicated idea and then figuring out how to do it without really knowing how.

5.  If you have to pick a project that you are most proud of, what would it be?

Definitely my latest body of work shows a lot of progress and direction from previous instalments. I'm showcasing a few different practices - painting, light products, interactive lighting display and large intricate woodcut pieces - all in a well finished state. This collection of work really shows the diversity and future possibilities of my installation work.

6.  What are you working on right now? Where can we find your work?

At the moment I'm working on a new light fixture series as well as an upcoming shoe design. Some of my latest work can be viewed at the Make Gallery (257 east 7th ave) Thurs-Fri from 4-6pm. At the end of the month the show will be split up and various pieces will find new temporary homes at other shows.

7. Is there anything you would like to share to younger creatives?

Don't stop. Persist. Persevere. There is always an easier route and it's always less fulfilling. The spotlight is a forever roaming and moving thing, the more you do the easier you are to see.