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Feeling the 'spirit' with Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo

Catching up with TV's "Long Island Medium" Theresa Caputo before her upcoming Vancouver appearance.

Here’s a spoiler alert for fans of the TV series Long Island Medium — Theresa Caputo’s cassettes are here to stay.

“You should never forget where you come from,” Caputo told the Courier during a phone interview from Bakersfield, CA., Oct. 12. “It’s what I’ve always done and I love that sometimes the cassette picks up Spirit’s movement. Plus, I always use my cassettes as my timer.”

 Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo is doing a live group reading at UBC Oct. 24.Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo is doing a live group reading at UBC Oct. 24.

Caputo, mom to Larry and Victoria and married to Larry Sr., says she’s been feeling “Spirit” — what she describes as an ability to receive messages from dead people — since she was four years old. She says it wasn’t until she was in her 20s that she learned to communicate with souls in heaven.

Caputo was suffering from debilitating anxiety and, after unsuccessfully attempting to manage it on her own and with the help of a therapist, her mom introduced her to spiritual healer and teacher Pat Longo. Longo told Caputo her anxiety was due to her suppressing Spirit’s energy. Caputo says once she learned how to channel Spirit, her anxiety lessened and 10 years ago she began practising as a medium. Since then, Caputo has become a best-selling author, began touring North America with “Theresa Caputo Live: the Experience,” and became the star of the reality TV series Long Island Medium, which launched in 2011.

Prior to her Oct. 24 appearance in Vancouver, the Courier spoke with Caputo, who has lived on Long Island all her life.

Q: Has your love of family become even more important since doing the show?

A: I was always all about family. I was raised that way. I was lucky enough to be born to amazing grandparents and parents and I thank God every day I was born to Bonnie and Nick who are the most amazing mentors.

Q: I read on your website that many people who attend your shows come away feeling better, even if they’re not chosen for a reading.

A: The number one thing people write in to say is, “I walked into that arena not knowing what to expect and did not get a reading, but what I witnessed was life changing.”  This is not about whether people believe in mediums, that doesn’t matter to me. I want people to know there is more to life than the physical — what’s more important is the soul bond and that can never be broken. So when they experience an odd coincidence or something different happens that reminds them of a loved one, that is a quote direct from heaven.

Q: Do you bring people closure?

A: I don’t call it closure because that’s such a final word and the soul bond is never broken so I look at it as bringing people peace. If I do bring closure, it’s to their burden of guilt. Spirit’s main message is always to continue life with happiness and peace. But when I have to stand in front of someone whose soul is shattered and they’re heartbroken, Spirit reminds us that they’re living life through our eyes.

Q: How do you choose who to read during a group session?

A: It’s not up to me. I never want anyone to be discouraged by the size of a reading because I am not on stage, it’s Spirit so it’s not up to me. I get up on stage and give a speech about what they can expect and then Spirit will guide me around the arena and stop to give messages from loved ones. There are lots of cameras and screens around so everyone can witness the message up close and personal.

Q: Have there been one or two readings that have really affected you?

A: This might sound cliché, but every reading affects me when I deliver a message of peace and love from a loved one. The crazy thing is, how did I know that? And it could be the simple things. I was recently talking to a young man who was broken over the tragic loss of his brother and I asked him about go carts. At first, the guy said there was no connection, but then about 30 seconds later he said, “Oh my God, my brother and I used to collect comic books about go carts when we were younger.” How did I know that? It is an absolute honour and privilege to validate these messages.

Q: Are you exhausted after a group reading?

A: It’s actually when I don’t channel that I become exhausted. It takes more energy to try and block them. I feel more energized after I channel Spirit.

Q: Do you use that energy to go shoe shopping? (Caputo is famous for her shoe collection.)

A: My shoes! My mom says I was born with a label on top of my head. I’ve always loved fashion.

Theresa Caputo Live takes place at 7:30 pm Oct. 24 at the Doug Mitchell Thunderbird Sports Centre at UBC. For ticket information visit

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