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This massive penis slide has been erected in a Lower Mainland playground (PHOTO)

Vancouver funnyman Seth Rogen is one of the producers of a raunchy new flick filming in the region
A massive red penis slide in a Maple Ridge playground is part of a movie by Crazy Rich Asians screenwriter Adele Lim that is co-produced by Seth Rogen.

A massive, fire engine red penis has been spotted in a Lower Mainland playground — but this time it doesn't belong to Satan. 

In September, a guerrilla street artist who goes by the moniker "Obsidian" announced the release of the digital glTF file version of "Penis Satan."

While it only stood in the city for a couple of days in 2014, the fire-engine red statue of the prince of darkness sporting a large erection was hard to miss.

The eyebrow-raising artwork also made international headlines, with many people creating memes and tributes to the seven-foot-tall, fibreglass figure. However, city staff removed the phallic devil a couple of days after.

Photo via LQDXXNC_obsidian

Now, another equally vibrant and raunchy piece has been erected in a Maple Ridge playground.

Movie filming in Maple Ridge 

According to Hollywood North Buzz, the phallic slide is part of a set for a new untitled comedy about "four Asian-American women searching for one of their birth mothers in all the wrong places." 

Crazy Rich Asians screenwriter Adele Lim is writing the R-rated flick, which stars Ashley Park (Emily in Paris). The movie also stars Sherry Cola, Stephanie Hsu, and Sabrina Wu.

The film is also co-produced by Vancouver-born funnyman Seth Rogen, according to Variety

Scott Stewart shared an image of the eye-catching installation on Twitter Thursday (Oct. 7), noting that while he isn't sure what movie they were filming, he'd "probably see it."