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OPINION: ‘Uber for laundry’ launches in Metro Vancouver. Because people are that lazy

Into this sloth society (of which I’m a charter member) steps WeDoLaundry, which has launched in a few Metro Vancouver communities.

Look, I know the headline seems harsh, but I’m actually not judging.

Just stating a fact – people in our society are lazy and want apps that make their lives even easier than already it is (which is the easiest in world history).

Not only can we not cook for ourselves anymore, we can’t even muster the strength to actually go out to a restaurant that saves us from cooking. No, we have to use an app to get it to our door.

 Photo courtesy WeDoLaundryPhoto courtesy WeDoLaundry

I can’t wait for the app that takes it one step further and delivers the food from my front door to my living room couch.

Into this sloth society (of which I’m a charter member) steps WeDoLaundry, which sent out some information saying it had moved into Metro Vancouver.

“Looking to take time off the laundry and get more done?” asked a news release. “Or, is making time for laundry eating up on your schedule? What if someone else does the job, right from taking the laundry to-be-done from the home to bringing it back all neat and folded?”

I actually started drooling when I read these words. I think my muscles started to atrophy a little thinking about how much more sitting I could do on the couch by not doing laundry.

WeDoLaundry has launched its own Uber-style laundry service in Vancouver, Burnaby, and Surrey, thanks to the invention of Abhishek Arora, who founded the on-demand laundry service along with his wife Mini Arora.

They a “new Indian immigrant couple with a background in IT” who launched the idea back in 2018.

According to the company, the system automatically informs the nearest “WeDoLaundry Valet” about the customer order, who heads to the address with an orange pick-up bag at customer’s scheduled time. The clothes are then washed, dried and folded by the valet at their home or at the nearest laundromat, and delivered back at a convenient time in a green bag. The company says the clothes are washed according to customer directions, “using 100% eco-friendly and high-quality soaps and detergents, and bags tagged to ensure there is no mix-up.”

The company says it has completed over 2,000 orders as of now, and aims to scale up in the coming months and increase the valet numbers from the current eight.

If you really love doing laundry, I guess you could make some money on the side.

I have no idea if I will ever try it. It’s appetizing. It’s not that I don’t have time to do laundry, I just don’t have the inclination so who knows?

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