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Vancouver comedy show mixes hot wings and stand-up

An unusual comedy show is coming up in Vancouver.
Stand up comedy stock mic stage
The 'Hot Takes' show puts a twist on regular stand-up as comedians try to tell jokes after having very hot wings.

An unusual comedy show is coming up in Vancouver.

Dubbed 'Hot Takes' it splices a typical stand-up comedy show with the dining habits of 'Hot Ones,' the YouTube show where Sean Evans interviews celebrities of one sort or another while eating progressively hotter wings.

It's often sweaty, sometimes tearful.

At 'Hot Takes,' comedians will be telling jokes while having a couple hot wings. While the first is milder, the second will feature the notorious Da Bomb hot sauce.

Brendan Washbern, one of the comedians participating in the show coming up Thursday,  Feb. 17, says the experience, from a comedian's perspective side, is tough, with two performers puking after they got off stage at past shows.

"Last time, when I did it my eyes watered for a full couple minutes, it was a battle to get through a few minutes up there," he says.

That said, he says the results are hilarious.

"It's the funniest part, when it's burning and you can't really talk," he says. "No one is allowed to bring a drink up, or if they do the crowd is allowed to heckle them."

The next one may make its way online. The show's organizers are organizing a recording crew, but it's not certain it'll be put online once done.

'Hot Takes' is a monthly show; this is the fifth so far with the first happening last fall at Little Mountain Gallery. With that venue closed, the Feb. 17 show will be at the MONT in East Vancouver.

The show starts at 8 p.m. and tickets are $17.