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Vancouver's first NFT convention-style event is happening in May

There will be panel discussions with top NFT artists, a networking party, and local digital art display.
NFT event
Vancouver will have its first convention-style NFT event, with panel discussions, networking party, and a local art display happening on May 1, 2022

No matter who or where you are in Vancouver, the term 'NFT' has most likely come up in conversation. 

NFT get-togethers and parties are scattered throughout the city, but what about a massive convention-style event? 

Vancouver's first large-scale NFT event is happening May 1 and will bring together the growing NFT community in Vancouver under one roof.

The NFT BC Panel and Party is taking place at the Hollywood Theatre with a capacity of approximately 574 people and organizer Jonathan Simkin, president of 604 Records and founder of Simkin Artist Management, predicts that it will sell out fast. "We're well over 300 [tickets] sold plus a guest list that's over 100 [people] at this point. So, based on my experience with events, it will sell out," says Simkin.

The night starts with "Three or four panels with some of the top editing artists and other people in the space," he explains. The panel discussions will feature some artists represented by Simkin Artist Management and will end with a local artwork display, networking, and music. 

Some NFT artists present at the event include Mad Dog Jones, FVCKRENDER, and Carmilla Sumantry. 

"The idea was to bring together the community," says Simkin. "We could tell that there were a lot of people doing things in this community, but it seemed very disconnected and disjointed." He hopes that an event like this will invigorate the NFT scene and keep it vibrant in the city.

The idea for a large-scale event started when Simkin attended a client's "very informal" NFT party. "I was shocked by how many people were there," he says. "It absolutely blew my mind. That's sort of the genesis of the [NFT BC event]. [We realized] there's a lot of people interested in this space in Vancouver."

There may be a possibility of another NFT event in the future, though Simkin is just glad that there's interest. "If this turns into a regular event- great! If it doesn't- great!"


When: May 1 from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. Doors open at 5 p.m.

Where: Hollywood Theatre - 3123 W Broadway

Cost: $23