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Video: Vancouver rocker Dan Mangan reacts to fan tattoos inspired by his songs

"Look at this bad boy!"
Dan Mangan shares photos of tattoos people have gotten referencing his songs and albums.

Over the years Dan Mangan's put together a fantastic career as one of Vancouver's most loved musicians.

And while people can't get music tattooed on themselves (come on science, where's that at?) they can get lyrics and album art painted on their body via needles.

All that's come together and after years of Mangan creating both lyrics and putting albums out, tattoos inspired by his work are on more than a couple of people's bodies.

Mangan took to TikTok recently to share images more than a dozen people had sent him (they sent photos, not the tattoos, that'd be gross).

"It's just absolutely baffling to think that my songs have meaning in their lives beyond what I maybe intended," Mangan says in the video.

The pieces of body art range from lyrics from songs like "Leaves, Trees, Forest" and "You Silly Git."

Others combine images and lyrics, like a cute robot with the line "Robots need love too," which has become one of Mangan's best-known lyrics. Another is a basket with "Going till I'm getting there" around it; "Basket" is a popular choice.

"Look at this bad boy!" he exclaims about one particularly intricate piece. "'Stand next to the giants, roar beside the lions' which is a line from the song "You Silly Git" which is on the record Nice, Nice, Very Nice which has the queen head on the cover. Look at that!"

Others include artwork from his first album, Postcards and Daydreaming, and 2018's More or Less.

@danmanganmusic wrote a lot of these words in my underwear #tattoos #lyrics #greenscreen ♬ original sound - Dan Mangan