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Watch: Vancouver takes centre stage in new dance video

Corey Wadden’s brief film featuring five Vancouver dancers strikes a chord during tough times.
Vancouver A Dance Film
Five local dancers groove around the city in a celebration of movement.

Are you ready to dance your heart out?

That’s just what some of Vancouver’s talent does from the sandy shores of Kitsilano Beach to Gastown's sidewalks in the recently released short video. Created by actor and filmmaker Corey Wadden, A Dance Film is a self-professed “love letter to the city, to dance, and to everybody trying to make it through the day.”

Starring local professional dancers and set to The Knocks’ dreamy electro-pop hit “Slow Song,” this slow-burn showcases the beauty of movement and the city.

“Simply put, I wanted to brighten people’s day,” says Wadden. During production he worked closely with cinematographer Gabriel Kava and the featured dancers to choose locations around Vancouver and coordinate looks that embodied their connection to the city.

For example, Felicia Chiappetta (who, full disclosure, is a reporting intern here at Vancouver Is Awesome) dances through the Granville SkyTrain station in homage to her daily commute.

“Once we chose a location, I just danced from my feelings instead of given steps. It was all freestyle,” explains Chiappetta. She describes the experience as “freeing and cathartic,” just the therapeutic tone Wadden wanted to convey. 

“We’ve all been having a hard time these past few years. I made this film to feel authentic and healing,” notes the filmmaker. 

He wants you, too, to get grooving once you see the short piece featuring Andrew Kyrzyk, Cora Kozaris, Chiappetta, Kaleah Crump, and Peter D’Souza.  

“I hope anyone who watches this gives themselves permission to let it out and dance like no one is watching.” 

Wadden plans to continue his creative journey in Greece this summer, where he is studying with renowned performance artist Marina Abramović and others at the Marina Abramović Institute.