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Owner of ‘Harry Potter-inspired’ beer festival responds to backlash (VIDEO)

LOL Events Group described their recent Canadian events as a ‘Harry Potter-inspired’ beer festival, but most attendees feel they were scammed.

 Photo: LOL Event Group / FacebookPhoto: LOL Event Group / Facebook

LOL Events Group described their recent Canadian events as a ‘Harry Potter-inspired’ beer festival, but most attendees feel they were scammed.

Organized by the LOL Event Group, the festival promised guests a litany of magical delights. From  “specialty themed alcoholic Butterscotch Beer” to real life characters, live music from DJ Dobs to a cornhole snitch toss, the event sounded like it was modelled after the world of Hogwarts. However, most of the attendees were sorely disappointed.

In an email to Vancouver Is Awesome, Julie Vander, Vendor and Customer Relations, LOL Event Group, said that attendees wouldn't be able to receive refunds.

"We are writing this in response to your recent article on our Harry Potter themed event. We have decided to make good on the situation. Although refunds are not possible at this time, we decided to make a charitable contribution to J.K. Rowlings Charity, The Lumos Foundation," writes Vander.

"The Lumos foundation helps pull orphans around the world out of institutions and into loving families. We are doing this as an act of goodwill after the continued feedback we are receiving from the event."

Vander notes that company owner, Dyan Vanas, has released an official statement via video, however, she notes that, "feedback on the video has been deeply controversial."

With this in mind, Vander adds that they hope the actions will lead to a generally positive response, and that the group will continue to host events. Last, she writes that refunds for the canceled Vancouver event, "should be completed."

In the video, Dylan Vanas remarks that, "It wasn't quite as magical as many as hoped," and that, "The event wasn't exactly as we had envisioned it would be."

Vanas notes that he was inspired by other events that hosted similar events around the world. For the Montreal event, he says that the group chose the "best and most expensive venue we could find in Montreal." In addition, he describes how they hired a magician, a psychic, and a live band. Further, he emphasizes how they had a "smoke and a light show" to set the "wizarding mood."

"Unfortunately, I didn't pay enough [attention] to all the small details," admits Vanas.

"By no means did I try and scam people," he adds. "Much like Snape, people have looked at me like a villain. People have even threatened me and my family."

Before the video ends, Vanas describes how Dumbeldore emphasizes the importance of words in the Harry Potter series, and how he hopes his words can help remedy the situation.

"I hope that my words and more importantly my actions, show that I'm working to remedy the situation."