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These are the best Chinese restaurants in Vancouver right now

Your complete guide for where to eat and what to order.

Looking for the ultimate in Chinese food in the city? The just-revealed list of expert picks for Vancouver's 20 Best by the Chinese Restaurant Awards spotlights restaurants, cafes, and bakeshops in and around town, including must-try dishes to help you order.

The Chinese Restaurant Awards debuts a new format with the 2022 honours, having restructured its categories and expanded its judging panel

“Vancouver’s 20 Best offers an authentic and heartfelt dining guide that represents the palate and taste of Chinese and Taiwanese diners in Vancouver. A priority for Chinese Restaurant Awards, which has been running for fourteen years, is to keep evolving and reflecting diners' needs," said Craig Stowe, Founder and President of Chinese Restaurant Awards.

The results for 2022 are meant to serve as a "gourmet road map for locals and visitors," according to the awards.

Judging Chair Lee Man notes that the panel's list of recommended signature dishes "will provide diners with an easy-to-follow guide to explore the best from each winning restaurant."

Additionally, the awards honoured Chef Li Bo of The Fish Man with the Rising Star Chef of the Year special award. 

Chinese Restaurant Awards 2022: Vancouver's 20 Best

Restaurant of the Year: The Fish Man (Richmond)

Signature dishes to order: Grilled Eggplant; Grilled Fish Pot; Hong Kong Style Dungeness Crab; Sour Cabbage Fish Hotpot (Lingcod); Seafood Fried Rice; Spicy Fish Hotpot (Lingcod); Spicy geoduck or razor clam; Wok-fried Manila Clams with Spicy Sauce

Best New Restaurant: Once More Restaurant (Richmond)

Signature dishes to order: Beef pot; Handmade pork skin jelly; Northeastern noodle; Sweet corn pancake; Chopped peppered black cod; Chopped peppered fish head; Spicy pork stomach; Steamed egg plant with garlic

Best Fine Dining: Mott 32 (Vancouver)

Signature dishes to order: Alaskan King Crab Meat, Egg White Fried Rice, Lotus Leaf; Apple Wood Roasted Peking Duck; Black Cod Dumplings, Pickled Chili, Radish, XO Sauce; Hot & Sour Iberico Pork Shanghainese Soup Dumpling; Maine Lobster “Ma Po Tofu”; Mixed Seafood Fried Rice, Golden Conpoy, Black Garlic; Signature Smoked Black Cod; Stir Fried AAA Canadian Tenderloin, Bell Peppers, Asparagus; Triple Cooked Black Angus Short Rib; Wok Fried Whole Dungeness Crab with Golden Garlic, 180 Glutinous Rice, Preserved Sausage

Best Dim Sum: Dynasty Seafood (Vancouver)

Signature dishes to order: Baked BBQ Pork Pie with Lemon; Baked Minced Pork Pie with Black Pepper; Baked Whole Abalone Pie; Steamed Minced Pork & Crab Meat Dumpling; Steamed Black Truffle Dumpling; Steamed Crab Meat & Shrimp Dumpling

Best Vegetarian: 4 Stones Vegetarian Cuisine (Richmond)

Signature dishes to order: Burdock & Vegetarian Meat Pot; Maine Lobster “Ma Po Tofu”; Classic Vegetarian Taiwanese Bao; Kung Pao Spicy Vegetarian Chicken Bento Combo; Seaweed mushroom bean curd roll; Tomato & Vegetarian Beef Brisket Noodle Soup; Vegetarian Health Pot

Best Cantonese: Dynasty Seafood (Vancouver)

Signature dishes to order: Baked Portuguese curry Alaskan king crab fried rice; Black truffle beef brisket; Braised & grilled duck with mushroom medley; Braised Japanese dried abalone; Roast duck with special sauce; Stir Fried BC Dungeness Crab in Typhoon Shelter style with Pan Fried Sticky Rice

Best Northern Chinese: Chang'An (Vancouver)

Signature dishes to order: Chang’an Roasted Duck; Cucumber & Cold Noodles in Chili sesame and hot and sour sauce; Pan fried chive pork dumplings; Pork belly sliders; Twice Cooked Rack of Lambs; Wok Fried Cumin Duck Bone; Wonton in Duck Soup

Best Shanghaiese: Suhang Restaurant (Richmond)

Signature dishes to order: Grilled Eggplant; Braised Pork Belly with Special Sauce; Crispy Duck with Sticky Rice and Meat Stuffing; Shredded Chicken and Vermicelli; Stir Fried Shrimp; Sliced Beef in Chili Sauce; Steamed Chicken with Wonton Soup in Clay Pot

Best Sichuan: The Fish Man (Richmond)

Signature dishes to order: Grilled Eggplant; Grilled Fish Pot; Hong Kong Style Dungeness Crab; Sour Cabbage Fish Hotpot (Lingcod); Seafood Fried Rice; Spicy Fish Hotpot (Lingcod); Spicy geoduck or razor clam; Wok-fried Manila Clams with Spicy Sauce

Best Hunan: Geng Shi Ji (Richmond)

Signature dishes to order: Beef brisket with dried tangerine peel; Century eggs with eggplant; Chef Special with Pork belly, pig feet, mixed vegetable; Dong An style chicken; Oil-fried pork kidney; Original Chinese Chicken; Salty egg yolk crab; Spicy lamb; Stir fry bacon with bamboo shoots; Traditional Chinese tofu cuisine; Water-boiled fish in sour cabbage broth

Best Taiwanese: Memory Corner (Richmond)

Signature dishes to order: Assorted deep fried appetizer platter; Deep fried cripsy chicken fllet; Deep fried crispy popcorn chicken; House special lamb hot pot; Taiwanese meat sauce on rice

Best Bubble Tea Shop: Exposure Drink + Socialhouse (Richmond)

Best Hot Pot Restaurant: Landmark Hotpot House (Vancouver)

Signature dishes to order: Macao style Pork Bone Hotpot Broth Base; Stir Fried Glutinous Rice; Steamed scallops (or any style of seafood); Plum powder topped deep fried chicken wing; Steamed milk

Best Congee and/or Noodle Restaurant: Max Noodle House (Richmond)

Signature dishes to order: Deep fried dace fish ball with clam sauce; Lo mein with beef brisket/tendon; Poached Sliced Beef; Wonton & dumpling soup; Wonton noodles

Best Hong Kong-Style Cafe: La Amigo Restaurant (Richmond)

Signature dishes to order: Stir Fry Beef Noodles; Blackened Cajun Chicken Legs with spiced Tomato Cream Sauce; Charboiled (Angus Beef) New York Steak with; Black Pepper Sauce (Combo Meal); Pan Seared Chicken Legs (Combo Meal)

Best BBQ Shop: HK B.B.Q. Master (Richmond)

Best Dessert Eatery: The First Dessert (Vancouver)

Best Food Court Stall: Hei Hei Rice Roll (Richmond)

Best Bakery Shop: Kam Do Bakery (Richmond)

Bonus: Establishments Rated "Worth to Explore"

  • Vancouver: Daisy Garden, Dong Tai Xiang Shanghai Dim Sum, Feel City BBQ, Mckim Wonton Mein Saga, Shanghai Dumpling King, Shoom Restaurant
  • Richmond: Jade Seafood Restaurant, Tasty BBQ & Beer Bar, Wu Fung Dessert (Aberdeen food court)
  • North Vancouver: Morning Star Bubble Tea
  • Surrey: YL’s Curry Bowl
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