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A $75,000 bottle of James Bond-themed scotch is being sold in Vancouver

The bottle of whisky is encased in a piston from an Aston Martin DB5 engine, the same type of car used in the movie Goldfinger

A bottle of scotch being sold in Vancouver is so expensive it might make even the high-rolling James Bond raise an eyebrow at its price tag. 

The specialty bottle was made in partnership between Bowmore and Aston Martin to celebrate an important year in each company’s history: 1964. For Bowmore, their distillery received a new boiler which allowed their distillation process to be powered by steam instead of coal. The whisky made with this new boiler has been sold over the past few years under the Bowmore Black Series

As for Aston Martin, the company’s DB5 model was featured in arguably the most famous James Bond movie of all time, Goldfinger. The movie launched the DB5 into Hollywood stardom and is still one of the most sought after cars for motorheads and movie buffs alike. 


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Together the two companies created a unique bottle for the 57-year-old whisky. Encasing the bottom half of the bottle is a polished steel piston, the same kind used to power the DB5 model. Mind you, with 25 bottles available worldwide, the piston is not from the car used in the movie. One of the two remaining movie-used vehicles is at the Louwman Museum in the Netherlands and the other sold for $6.4 million in 2019 to a private buyer.

The whisky is being sold at the Signature BC Liquor Store at 39th and Cambie. In the past specialty bottles have been sold at events which have attracted over a hundred people into the store at one time. The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has made that impossible so interested buyers can enter to win purchasing the $74,999.99 bottle between Feb. 5-7.

The successful entrant will be notified via email between Feb. 11-12 where they can then purchase the scotch worth as much as a fully stocked Tesla model 3.