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Update: A vegan donut pop-up event is coming to Richmond soon

Juice Truck in Steveston is teaming up with an Instagram celebrity for a special pop-up event on Jan. 27.
A vegan donut pop-up event is coming to Richmond soon. 

If happiness had a smell, it might smell like glazed, fluffy and soft donuts. A vegan donut pop-up event is coming to Richmond soon. 

On Jan. 27, Juice Truck on First Avenue in Steveston will team up with Instagram celebrity Payts, whose real name is Payton Lum, a McGill student in the food science program who is specialized in making vegan sourdough donuts.

Juice Truck is a cold-pressed juice company which now operates six locations in B.C, including one in Steveston. Zach Berman, co-founder and co-owner of Juice Truck told the Richmond News that this wasn’t the first time for them to collaborate with Payts to set up a donut pop-up event. 

They sold more than 400 vegan donuts within thirty minutes at their Steveston’s store on Jan. 15.

“Donuts make people happy. Our intention is to bring delicious products and happiness to Richmondites,” said Berman. 

Berman and his business partner also intend to engage with the local community. Prior to the pandemic, they held a variety of events, such as pop-up movies and pop-up dinners. But the ongoing health-crisis put a halt to that. 

However, donuts are more like “grab and go” items that allow social-distancing, according to Berman, adding no one can refuse the charm of donuts. 

The upcoming donuts’ fillings for this Friday remain a secret, but the last event included everything from strawberry lemonade and salted caramel to chocolate and earl grey.