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Our helpful guide to takeout and delivery in Vancouver during the COVID-19 crisis

A helpful guide showing you what's available in Vancouver right now

Today we're excited to announce the launch of our robust guide to takeout and delivery available for Vancouverites who are playing it smart and taking heed to "Stay the F home!" messaging.

It's been a wild couple of weeks during the COVID-19 crisis that we're all living through, and our Take Home Vancouver guide is meant to help you find the best meal options quickly.

In our guide are more than 100 local restaurants, breweries and wineries that offer takeout or delivery options.

Simple and to the point, listings look like this one below.

Have a look at the guide HERE and immediately order in, or order takeout, from a local business today.


If you run a restaurant, brewery or winery that delivers or offers takeout in Vancouver, please fill out THIS FORM and we'll get you into the guide. This guide is not a paid listing; we are adding every single local restaurant that wants to be added to it, free of charge.