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Closure of popular neighbouring pizzeria and bar delayed indefinitely

The two businesses are excited to stay neighbours with each other.
The Boxcar and Pizza Farina both have a new lease on life.

Both the Boxcar and Pizza Farina were due to close on April 30, but the neighbouring businesses are getting a new lease on life. 

Literally (the lease part, not the life part).

Boxcar and Farina neighbour each other in the same building on the 900 block of Main Street; with the sale of that building, the two businesses both announced their impending closure would be April 30.

But new leases have been signed with the new landlord.

"We are so excited to let you all know that we have officially signed a lease with the new landlords! We will get to keep our beloved bar until the building comes down!" the Boxcar posted to Instagram.

"We are thrilled to announce that we have officially signed a new lease with our landlords and will get to keep our pie shop for a little longer!" Pizza Farina shared.

Both also acknowledged their excitement that their neighbour would be sticking around too.

In March, when both announced they only had a month left, they both said they were looking to find a way to stay open in some manner, "but chances are slim," noted the Boxcar.

Both are in the Cobalt Hotel building; above them is an SRO. The 5-storey building was built in 1910. According to BC Assessment, the site is worth $9.8 million, but the building is only $739,000 of that. The building had been owned by the Sahota family, who own several Vancouver SROs.

With files from Lindsay William-Ross.