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Miso Pecan, Milk Tea, Churros: New ice cream truck in Vancouver scooping Latin-Asian fuelled flavours

A new ice cream food cart recently got rolling in Vancouver, and we've got the scoop! 🍨
Mini scoops of their vegan Apples + Churros, seasonal Autumn Moon, and Miso Pecan. Photo: Lindsay William-Ross/Vancouver Is Awesome

A new ice cream food cart recently got rolling in Vancouver, and it's run by a duo who fuse their Peruvian and Taiwanese roots into their inventive - and tasty - flavours.

Crema is run by Heidi (from Lima, Peru) and Joe (from Taipei, Taiwan) - Vancouverites who have deep childhood memories of the foods and sweet treats from where they grew up.

crema-ice-cream-flavoursA recent flavour list for Crema. Photo: Lindsay William-Ross/Vancouver Is Awesome

Right now they're scooping flavours like a salty-sweet Miso Pecan, a fully vegan Apples + Churros, classic Milk Tea (with or without toasted marshmallows), and Coconut Passionfruit. A flavour like Miso Pecan, made with miso ice cream mixed with caramelized pecans made using panela (dark organic raw cane sugar from Peru) really showcases the way Heidi and Joe are melding Latin and Asian flavours and ingredients to create their sweet treats.

The scoop on where to find them...

Featuring their rotating and seasonally-inspired flavours, Crema's adorable turquoise trailer is based out of East Vancouver's Coho Commissary. That's where you'll often find them parked outside, filling cups with ice cream, and add-ons like fresh bubble waffles.

Additionally, Crema takes the trailer on the road; you can use the Vancouver Street Food App to find them. One other way to get your hands on Crema's creamy (or non-dairy!) flavours is to order by the pint; the containers are available for pick-up from Coho or for pre-order and free local delivery in Vancouver, Burnaby, and New Westminster, or on-demand via apps like Fantuan, UberEats, and DoorDash. 

crema-ice-cream-cupsPhoto: Lindsay William-Ross/Vancouver Is Awesome

Crema got its start this summer, scooping from a smaller cart at places like local farmers' markets, but have now added the expanded options and have been celebrating their sweet grand opening. Follow them on Instagram for updates.