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East Richmond residents look forward to new grocery store near neighbourhood

Foody World to open second store in Metro Vancouver
Foody World crop
Richmond's Foody World location on Sexsmith Road.

A new grocery store is expected to open up near East Richmond and residents in the Hamilton neighbourhood are more than excited about the news.

Foody World, an Asian supermarket, is expected to open its second B.C. location at Queensborough Landing, which is at the border of Richmond and New Westminster.

SmartCentresREIT, which manages Queensborough Landing, published an updated digital map of the outlet with Foody World located in the east section of the outlet next to Old Navy.

Andrew Wong, a Hamilton neighbourhood resident, said an Asian grocery store and a second option for groceries, in general, is something worth being excited for in the neighbourhood.

“Having this supermarket, like a one-stop-shop, in our community is really amazing,” said Wong, who has been living in the neighbourhood for three years now.

“Hamilton is an area that is kind of vehicle-dependent and the only grocery store nearby is Walmart.

“And while it has an aisle for Asian and international foods, it’s just not the same when it comes to … certain herbs and other ingredients for certain meals such as Asian dishes.”

Wong told the Richmond News that his family shops for groceries once a week and it “forces them to make a bigger shopping trip” when they have to travel into Richmond city center, Vancouver or even Surrey. However, with Foody World just a five-minute drive it would make grocery shopping easier and more convenient.

“There’s talk that a Nester’s is going to be built alongside the new developments, but for now, a new grocery store option is convenient,” he said.

“This community is definitely growing and we are looking forward to watching it continue to grow and be more convenient and have access to more shops and such in the area.”

Foody World opened its first location on Sexsmith Road in north Richmond in March 2016.

The Richmond News has reached out to Foody World for an exact opening date but did not receive a response prior to publication.