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Watch: You can get epic egg drop sandwiches at a Vancouver brewery tasting room

They're basically a three-egg breakfast platter loaded into one massive sandwich

There's a new destination in Vancouver to get your hands on massive Korean-style "egg drop" sandwiches. Featuring a mound of fluffy, creamy scrambled eggs, a variety of companion components, and loaded into toasted thick, soft Japanese milk bread (shokupan), the menu from EggCloud is now on offer daily, from noon through dinner and into the evening, at Main St. Brewing's taproom.

EggCloud is both the evolution of a concept and a new one altogether; if you flip over the cheery blue EggCloud menu, you'll see Bodhi's Kitchen's dishes, featuring meaty sandwiches (called Meat Drops, of course), along with approachable, share-able comfort eats ("Sharezies") like tacos and chips and dip. But it all began with burgers. 

From smashburgers to egg drops

For a spell, it was the aroma of freshly griddled smashburgers that would greet you as you approached the tasting room of Mount Pleasant's Main St Brewing. That's because Burgerland Smashup was a fixture on the premises, primarily in a curbside food truck operation, and a beacon to burger lovers. 

But when Burgerland's owner/operator Bodhi Valentine had to shift his ops indoors, he pivoted his concept to suit the craft brewery's kitchen amenities. Valentine is no stranger to pivoting - after all, he took Burgerland from a meal kit service to a wildly successful restaurant-style experience - and as he looked for ways to grow his business and have more vegetarian options, he turned to the viral sensation egg drop sandwich.

For EggCloud, Valentine sources high-quality ingredients, including fresh local eggs and Vancouver-made shokupan, which comes from Japanese bakery eF & Be Bakehouse. The bread is a clutch component to an egg drop sandwich, as it needs to be thick enough to envelope the robust fillings, but also tender enough to work with the creamy eggs, too. The bread is split, buttered, griddled, and stuffed, presented upright at your table (and to the delight of other taproom dwellers in your sightline). 

The EggCloud menu

For its launch, Egg Cloud's extensive menu includes a range of egg drop sando options, like the Beltchy (bacon, cheese, lettuce, and tomato) or the Farmer (sausage, cheese, hashbrown, sriracha mayo). Over time, Valentine expects to trim back the menu to zero in on what ends up being the most popular egg drops.

When you think about it, these egg drop sandwiches are basically like a breakfast platter compiled into one hand-held bundle - except at EggCloud, the egg drops are so loaded that you need to start out digging in with a spoon, which, in this case, is an adorable mini shovel. 

Alongside the sandos are some breakfasty-side (available all day, as are the egg drops) like French Toast sticks made with the shokupan that come with a peanut butter and syrup dipping sauce. 

EggCloud is certainly a unique taproom offering in Vancouver, and Valentine is hopeful it will reinforce Main St. Brewing as being not only a great spot for enjoying local brews but also a dining destination, though shifting EggCloud to a standalone operation is also a possibility down the line. 

And if you are already missing Burgerland's smashburgers, fear not: Valentine is hard at work exploring options to bring them back in the near future, so stay tuned. In the meantime, follow @eggcloudvancouver on Instagram and head to Main St. Brewing (261 E 7th Ave) to check them out.

Video: Trying EggCloud's massive Korean-style egg drop sandwiches 

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