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Veteran Italian restaurant and night club in Vancouver closing after over 20 years

"I have a landlord that's completely uncooperative [...] as far as rent relief during this crisis," says the owner
Federico's Supper Club/Facebook

Sadly, the last drinks, dinners, and dancing has already been done without guests being able to give a proper farewell to Federico's Supper Club

The Italian restaurant and night club on Commercial Drive revealed this week that after 22 years they are closing down permanently.

Federico's closed their doors in mid-March, following directives from officials regarding restaurant operations and the spread of COVID-19.

In a heartfelt message shared to Facebook from the restaurant, owner Federico Fuoco explains that the closure is a result of a number of profound financial challenges compounded by the COVID-19 crisis.

"I have a landlord that's completely uncooperative, didn't want to help in any way, shape or form as far as rent relief during this crisis," says Fuoco. 

Fuoco goes on to call out the high cost of doing business in Vancouver, including high property taxes and rents.

"We need real help and real relief from all levels," says Fuoco, adding specifically that he would like to see more grants for small business owners, a roll back on the minimum wage increase and payroll taxes, and a freeze on property taxes. 

Still, Fuoco says the take-away from the over 20 years Federico's was in full swing is that the memories made in the venue will carry on, including just how many celebrations and good times were enjoyed there. 

"Thank you to all our staff, guests, friends, family, artists, suppliers and everyone who walked through our doors and shared special moments with us. The memories will be forever cherished and etched in our hearts," reads the Supper Club's farewell message.

"We hope too that for you Federico’s will always be remembered for the feel good times: from our food, the music, dancing and the most amazing staff anyone could ask for. It was a truly unique experience."

Federico's has been a part of the contemporary fabric of a neighbourhood with deep Italian roots. Fuoco himself grew up around the corner from the restaurant, and was among the many locals proud to celebrate Italian Days on the Drive in 2016 after the area was officially designated "Little Italy" by the City of Vancouver.