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You can try a ketchup popsicle in Vancouver (if you dare)

This limited edition frozen treat "combines some of the best traditions the season has to offer: ketchup and popsicles."

It's hard to live by the credo "don't knock it 'til you've tried it" when the "it" in question is a ketchup popsicle.

Ketchup chips, sure. Maybe a nice tomato granita to go with an upscale savoury summertime dinner dish. But the folks at French's Ketchup seem to think what we're all clamouring for is a popsicle made with their tomato product.

To that end, the Canadian condiment maker is releasing its limited-edition Frenchsicle this week, and Vancouver is one of three Canadian cities where locals can get a taste - for absolutely free.

The stunt food item "combines some of the best traditions the season has to offer: ketchup and popsicles," according to French's media release.

"The Frenchsicle's savoury tomato flavour is perfectly balanced with a hint of salty sweetness," they describe. 

French's didn't foray into the frozen treat business, mind you. They paired up with Canada's own Happy Pops, a Toronto-based ice pops business best known for its handcrafted, all-natural small-batch popsicles.

It does seem like a "natural" fit for Happy Pops, since French's makes its ketchup using 100 per cent Canadian-grown tomatoes. 

"I can't wait for people to try this condiment-turned-popsicle," said Happy Pops founder Leila Keshavjee.

Want to be one of the lucky folks to try this curious creation? French's - which is a McCormick & Company (MKC) brand - will be handing them out in Vancouver for one day only. They'll be at 609 Granville St on Wednesday, June 22 from 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

After that, there will be two more Ontario "Frenchsicle" handout days. 

So, are you brave enough to try it?