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Watch: This Filipino bakeshop has served comfort food in Vancouver for nearly 40 years

From cakes and breads to noodle soup...and lots of ube

Goldilocks has been a staple in the Philippines since the mid-1960s, known for its extensive selection of breads and treats, and a casual cafe menu of traditional Filipino dishes. 

There are over 400 Goldilocks locations around the world, but only two are in Canada, and both of those are in Metro Vancouver. 

Goldilocks co-founder Milagros Yee's children brought the bakeshop brand to Vancouver, opening the first location in the city on the southwest corner of West Broadway and Fir Street in 1984.

Ultimately, the bakery's popularity meant Goldilocks would outgrow its original Vancouver space, ultimately giving way to two locations in the area; a store and production facility in Burnaby (3728 N Fraser Way) and the other, which opened in 2008, is at 2833 Main St.

'Have you eaten?'

Recently the Vancouver Goldilocks shop refreshed its interior, bringing some fun splashes of light and colour into the space, including a neon sign asking "Kumain ka na ba?" a question so rooted in Filipino culture it's essentially a greeting: "Have you eaten?" 

The bakery-cafe also has infused a lot of bright, cheery yellow into the decor, such as a big yellow picnic table for sitting down and enjoying some Goldilocks' breakfast and lunch dishes. 

Managing Director Maj Yee and the whole Goldilocks Vancouver team take great pride in their selection of pastries, breads, and treats, from the cream-filled jelly roll cakes to the individual mamon, a palm-sized sponge cake in flavours like mocha, ube, or sweet cheese. Rows and rows of bagged items, from thick polvoron (shortbread cookies) to varieties of pandesal (buns) offer grab-and-go options for home pantries. Here you can find classic Filipino baked goods like ensaymada, sweet bread with Spanish roots alongside brownies or hopia (a flaky filled pastry).

Classic Filipino comfort eats on the cafe menu

Many Goldilocks bakeshops also double as casual eateries, with a menu of casual comfort eats. The Vancouver Goldilocks shop makes changes to its menu based on customer demand, and also offers some seasonal dishes; during the colder months, for example, they serve up a big bowl of mami, a chicken soup with a clear broth and thin pancit noodles with dumplings, boiled egg, cabbage, and meat - a hearty dish for the season. 

Other cafe menu items include empanadas, noodle dishes like spaghetti and palabok, chicken adobo, and several classic pork dishes. 

Goldilocks also offers silog, all-day breakfast combo dishes with fried rice, egg, and meat, like chicken adobo or longanisa (sweet Filipino sausage), and coffee and tea drinks, including an ube latte. Ube, a purple yam, is a hallmark Filipino ingredient that lends its sweet flavour and deep purple hue to many a beloved treat or drink. 

One of Goldilocks' signature dishes is their Fresh Lumpia; while you may know lumpia as a finger-sized deep-fried spring roll, the "fresh" lumpia is a large crepe roll that's filled with sauteed julienne vegetables and shredded meat, topped with Goldilocks' sweet and garlicky sauce with peanuts.

Goldilocks has long been a beacon to the Filipino community for baked goods and comfort eats, and the business is set to celebrate its remarkable 40th anniversary in Vancouver next year. 

Video: Goldilocks Bakeshop and Cafe in Vancouver

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