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Cask your vote: B.C. beer awards open up the polls

What were your favourite beers this year?
Vote for your favourite craft B.C. beers to help name the best breweries, lagers and ales in the province.

Craft beer has exploded over the past couple of decades in B.C., and to recognize the best of the ever-expanding selection of ales and lagers, the B.C. Craft Beer and Cider Readers’ Choice Awards exist.

Created by Vancouver Is Awesome's sibling publication The Growlerthe awards turn to the everyday beer-drinking public for their views on the best brews in B.C. It's a chance for Jane and John Q. Public to recognize who they think the best alesmiths and brewmasters are.

It's the fourth annual edition of the awards (nicknamed the Growlies) which took a year off in 2020 because of the pandemic.

There are more than 30 categories to vote on, including a growing selection of ciders, as that industry has seen a boom in recent years. In some categories, voters are given a group of nominees to vote on (though there are write-in spaces) while others are completely open.

Categories range from Best Light lager to Best New Brewery to Best Weird Beer to Best Beer/Cider Store.

Past winners include Four Winds (which was recognized 11 times in the first year) Field House (which has won best brewery each time), and Twin City (which has twice won the Unsung Hero category and twice placed in the top three for best brewery).

People have until July 5 to vote, and while all voters will have the pleasure of knowing they're helping their favourite brews get recognition, one lucky voter will win an epic grand prize.

They'll be taken on a helicopter ride to the backcountry where they'll get to try a bunch of craft beers.

There are also runner-up prizes like $500 home brewing gift certificates, a BC Ale Trail prize pack and more.

You can vote below, or on the poll's own site

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