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Are momos the next big thing? This new Indo-Chinese spot in Vancouver hopes so

Get to know momos, and other Nepalese eats, at this new restaurant

Dumplings are found in cuisines from around the globe, and in the Indo-Chinese culinary tradition they are known as "momos." 

In recent years, momos have enjoyed a surge in popularity in Canada; in 2018 CBC even put together a national map of where to find the dumplings in cities coast-to-coast. 

Much like its Chinese counterpart, momos feature a flour and water-based wrapper with a minced filling of meat or vegetables and are typically steamed and served with dipping sauce. In Nepal, momos are one of the most popular foods, and are often filled with chicken or goat. In addition to being prepared by steaming, momos can be made in a variety of ways, like pan-fried, or even in the tandoor oven.

A tandoor oven for making dumplings may seem like a curious culinary mash-up, but the connection between Indian and Chinese food has deep roots and is one of the hallmarks of Nepalese fare. There are a few places already to get Indo-Chinese food in Metro Vancouver, and now a restaurant brand that launched in 2021 in North Delta is expanding its reach with a new location in Vancouver.

Momo Factory opens second location in Metro Vancouver

Situated at 1143 Davie St, Momo Factory has replaced an outpost of Neptune, a Chinese restaurant that was there for about four years. The restaurant soft-opened in December, and in early January has moved into its Grand Opening phase.

Now the Davie Village neighbourhood has a destination for Indo-Chinese fare from Momo Factory's expansive menu that includes not only its signature dumplings in a variety of flavours and styles, but also curries, chow mein, and other Nepalese dishes that borrow from two bold culinary traditions. 

Here you'll find an array of vegetable dishes, like ones made with paneer or soya chaap (a meat substitute) and Nepali sauces and spices, under a menu section named for the country's produce market, the Kalimati Tarkari Bazaar.

However, when it comes to meat dishes, Momo Factory's Butter Chicken is one of the restaurant's most popular selections; the fragrant dish with juicy pieces of chicken comes with your choice of rice or fresh naan. Chicken "lollipops" are another popular dish from the appetizer section, and make for a fun alternative to the usual wings, especially with a punchy dipping sauce. 

Of course, momos are Momo Factory's calling card, and the restaurant features the dumplings with filling like shrimp, chicken, and goat. 

One of the restaurant's co-owners says he thinks momos are set to be a trending food item, and he's happy to be able to bring another Indo-Chinese dining option to Vancouver and the West End.

If you happen to save room for dessert, Momo Factory happens to do a sweet momo, but they also have options like a mango and berry cheesecake on the menu. 

Momo Factory also happens to be one of the restaurants in Metro Vancouver that is using robot servers in addition to human staff; your dishes will arrive tableside thanks to a robotic cat who cozies up right next to you to make the delivery.

Watch: Checking out the new Momo Factory restaurant in Vancouver

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