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New Vancouver ice cream shop features monster shakes, sundaes, and grilled cheese

You can get plain milk or vegan swirls, too - or add a little gold leaf to your treat.
S'mores Monster Shake, left, and organic milk soft serve with gold leaf at Chocobar Creamery

If you have a soft spot for soft serve there's a brand new ice cream shop opening its doors in Vancouver you may want to put on your list to check out.

Chocobar Creamery is swirling up their organic milk soft serve, and vegan soft serve, at 485 Main Street as of Friday, July 9.

The new cold treat venture in Chinatown has a sweet line-up of ice cream concoctions on the menu, like fully loaded "Monster" shakes, as well as sundaes and simple cones - although you can also get a little gold leaf on your cone, because why not?

Monster shakes earn their moniker thanks to being staked with delicious extras. Chocobar Creamery's options include the Strawberry Cheesecake Monster shake, which is a milkshake loaded with New York-style cheesecake, wafers, Pocky sticks and strawberry jam. You'll also find epic shakes tricked out with Kit Kat bars, Oreos, or with all the fixings of classic campfire S'more.

Chocobar Creamery is also serving up grilled cheese sandwiches, including a classic, as well as twists like a Hot Cheeto grilled cheese or a Crispy Jalapeño option.The treat spot also has vegan pineapple or raspberry soft serve (aka "Dole Whip"), and chocolate-dipped waffles on a stick. 

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