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'Heart-shaped delights': Downtown Vancouver is getting a Norwegian waffle cafe

There'll be sweet and savoury options.

Waffleland has its sights set on Norway. And their waffles.

The Gastown cafe specializing in waffles of all sorts is behind Kos; the Norwegian waffle cafe is opening soon at 548 Robson St., the former home of Atealier's Vancouver location.

Kos, which means 'warmth' or 'having a good time' in Norwegian, will focus on the "heart-shaped delights" from the Scandinavian country, according to a sign on the new cafe.

"Norwegian waffles are thinner and softer than the American or Belgian versions," states the sign. "And when they are fresh they are also crunchy."

Another sign notes waffle making dates back to the 13th century when Norwegian sailors ate a precursor to the fluffy, crunchy dish.

There will be sweet and savoury options, including the traditional (sweet caramelized cheese, berry sauce, and sour cream), Old Faithful (strawberries, Nutella, almond slice, and whipped cream), and røkelaks (Norwegian smoked salmon, Brie, avocado, and chives).

The cafe will also have coffee drinks, shakes, and lemonades.

So far, an opening date has not been set for Kos.