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One of Vancouver's best burgers is back at a new permanent restaurant location

And they've taken over a former Donnelly Group pub space
Known for its burgers, fried chicken sandwiches, and fries, Hundy has shifted from a pop-up inside a Vancouver cafe to a new permanent restaurant location

For a long time, to get your hands on one of Vancouver's best burgers - not to mention an outstanding fried chicken sandwich - you had to head to a tiny coffee shop at just the right time.

Now Hundy, which used to operate out of sibling spot Their There in Kits, has set up a permanent space for take-out burgers and sides - and they've moved into a high-profile ex-pub space. 

Hundy is up and running at 1144 Homer Street in Yaletown offering a tight menu (in colours and a font that might remind you of a certain iconic SoCal burger joint) of its signature burgers, fried chicken sandwiches, fries, poutine, and drinks. 

"Hundy was originally opened inside Their There as a ‘concept Hundy,'" explained the burger joint on social media back in July 2021, when Hundy wrapped up service at the West 4th Ave cafe. "The plan was always to get Hundy its own brick and mortar location when the time was right."

The exciting Hundy opening news also means some closing news - namely that the New Oxford, which had been at that address, has shuttered permanently. But there remains a connection to New Oxford's operators the Donnelly Group, and even more related news. There's the detail that Donnelly Group has rebranded (or, as they call it, undergone a "refounding") to be Freehouse Collective. And Donnelly - err, Freehouse - has Vancouver chef Mike Robbins overseeing the group's food.

Robbins is known for his local projects like the acclaimed spot AnnaLena and a couple of more casual ventures: Their There and Hundy.

So it makes sense that the New Oxford has given way to the new permanent spot for Hundy - though Hundy does not appear on the roster of Freehouse Collective projects. New Oxford's second space, the former "Tavern at New Oxford," at 1141 Hamilton Street (the backside of what's now Hundy) has been rebranded as Isabelle's, which is described as: "Vancouver’s newest after-supper club," and "features cocktails, dancing and bottle service complemented by artistic design reminiscent of modern Mediterranean warmth and vintage Moroccan sophistication."

For those looking to take a bite out of the revived Hundy and its burgers, the restaurant is in its soft open phase and is open Friday and Saturday from 4 to 10 p.m. and Sunday from 4 to 9 p.m. Follow @hundyyvr on Instagram for updates.