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Photo: Take a look at the first ever Seabus Memes Nude

No, not those sort of nudes. Get your head out of the gutter, ma'am.
Seabus Memes and Nude Beverages are launching a drink called Seabus Soda.

Daddy Seabus is gracing Vancouver with some Nudes, soon.

It’s (probably) not what you think.

The well-known meme creator has collaborated with Container Brewing a couple of times on beers; now he's working with Nude Beverages on Seabus Soda, a special lemon-lime version of the Vancouver-based brand's drinks.

"It's something we've been discussing for a long time," says the elusive Mr. Seabus. "I know one of the guys over there pretty well."

Given Nudes are a popular beverage in the city, they've appeared in many Seabus Memes over the years. As thanks for supporting the local company, they sent some drinks to the North Vancouver-based meme maker. From there they got to know each other and chatted about one day creating a Seabus Soda.

"It's always been an idea in my head that it'd be cool to have a local alcoholic beverage with my name on it," Mr. Seabus tells V.I.A., adding that he's never approached anyone about doing it.

"Maybe I manifested it somehow," he says.

That's because the day of Seabus Memes' Nude sodas is nearing.

Discussions got more serious about the collaboration recently and they got down to figuring out a flavour. Mr. Seabus suggested a classic.

"I like lemon-lime flavoured things and I was surprised none of the local seltzer companies do one," he says. "It's a classic flavour combo; I always thought that was weird no one had one."

Seabus Soda sees Nude create a more impactful drink, too, with 6.9 per cent abv compared to their normal 5 per cent.

The can has been designed and tastes have been tested, but the drink isn't headed to liquor store shelves quite yet as a few details have to be worked out.

"It's not going to be out yet, it'll probably be out in a couple of months," says Mr. Seabus.