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Photos: Penis-shaped waffles are popping up in Vancouver

Yes, you read that correctly.

From the way Lil Willy's Wafflehouse puts it, penis-shaped waffles in Vancouver were practically inevitable. 

The brand-new outfit is firing up the waffle irons for an ongoing pop-up restaurant launching in May and running through the summer at 401 Industrial Ave.

"Vancouver has been known for its trendy and eye-catching foods, which meant it was only a matter of time before these penis-shaped waffles launched here," reads an email to V.I.A. from Lil Willy's.

And, yes, waffles shaped like male genitalia are an actual "thing." 

"These cream-filled penis waffles are arousing lots of attention," declares a 2017 headline about a Bangkok food stand. (Kudos for the pun.)

It seems the "trend" of pairing penises with waffle batter and toppings hit Montreal and Toronto first, so now it's our turn to get in on the action. (Sorry.)

"We are currently the first penis-shaped waffle to hit the Vancouver market and are planning to present the waffle concept in a fun and exciting way," says Lil Wily's Wafflehouse. 

And since most waffles served up in Metro Vancouver "have the same generic shape," why not do things a little differently and make them look like penises? 

"At Lil Willy’s, we wanted to spice things up by providing the consumer with a memorable sensual experience while keeping it light-hearted and playful. We pride ourselves on not just having a unique-looking waffle, but a high-quality and tasty product as well!"

Lil Willy's Wafflehouse began as a joke, but the pop-up waffle shop says the team began in earnest to come up with their menu, which features five penis waffle flavours from sweet to savoury, with titillating or punny names for each one. Vanilla is "The Wet Dream," for example, while the one stuffed with a hot dog is "The Glizzy" (a nod to the slang term for a hot dog, like, an actual hot dog).

You can also add on toppings - none of which should be surprising - like white or milk chocolate drizzle, a side of whipped cream, or...yep, crushed nuts.

Follow Lil Willy's on Instagram @lilwillyswafflehouse to find out when the first penis-shaped waffles will be up for grabs. The pop-up will operate Friday through Sunday.