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Richmond restaurant brings back car-hop service, despite return of indoor dining

Yuu Japanese Tapas Restaurant at Continental Plaza originally launched the in-car service in May, but had to postpone it due to strata concerns
A Japanese restaurant in Richmond has brought back its car-hop service

A Richmond restaurant will continue with its retro, old-school vibes by offering a “car hop” service to patrons who aren’t comfortable eating in yet.

Yuu Japanese Tapas Restaurant at Continental Plaza, near Cambie and Sexsmith roads, launched the in-car service in May when the B.C. health officer extended the ban on indoor dining for restaurants.

However, despite having city and health authority approval, it had to halt the service after just a week or so, after the strata council that runs the shopping mall had issues with public safety liability.

But last week, the restaurant’s car-hop was back online after it satisfied the strata’s concerns about the likes of insurance.

Just like the White Spot service of old, customers are able to park in the three stalls in front of the restaurant and eat inside their vehicle with unique “tables” built to fit in various types of car.

Julia Kubotani, owner of Yuu Japanese Tapas, said the feedback on their “car-hop” option has been amazing, to the point it is starting to get overwhelming.

“Many people appreciated the concept of a car-hop because they want to eat out but are still a little scared during this time,” said Kubotani, adding that the younger generation is always looking for new experiences.

“A person’s vehicle is like their own personal bubble, except bigger, and it just feels safer.”