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These new owners want to keep a popular Port Coquitlam bakery's traditions alive

Taking over a much-loved business isn't easy, but Darryl Boone and Josie Wang are thrilled at the opportunity to continue the success of Europe Bakery and Deli — despite the high cost of food and gas.

Don't mess with success.

That's the mantra of the new owners of a popular Port Coquitlam bakery who promise to keep the traditional recipes alive.

In March, Darryl Boone and his wife, Josie Wang, took over Europe Bakery and Deli from Victor and Maria Luis, who were retiring.

The news the couple had sold the business generated huge response in the community, and even the local fire department showed up to say good bye.

But for those who love the bakery's fluffy doughnuts, tasty sandwiches, special occasion cakes, fabulous desserts and the cozy feel of the business won't be disappointed by the change of ownership.

That's because the couple intends to continue to sell the same products at Europe Bakery and Deli, including the Portugese tarts called Pasteis de Natas at the shop located at 2552 Shaughessy St. in downtown Port Coquitlam.

New owners promise to keep tart, doughnut recipes

"Our goal was to change nothing in terms of recipes," said Boone, who with his wife also own Pizzeria Ludica in New Westminster and Vancouver.

Even though the couple isn't Portuguese, they promise to continue to sell the egg custard tart in its puff pastry shell and dusting of cinnamon.

However, helping the couple with the transition is Victor Luis, and his son.

"The family is still working with us and will continue working for awhile," said Wang.

"We want to make a point we that are so appreciative they were wiling to stay for awhile to help with the transition."

Boone and Wang have lived in Coquitlam for 20 years and have one son, who goes to Riverside Secondary.

They said they couldn't pass up the opportunity to purchase the business when it came up for sale last year.

High cost of food, gas hitting the bakery business hard

"We knew the bakery so well, and, when we knew it was for sale, we talked and discussed it," said Josie, "'Can we do it?', we asked ourselves."

So far, the couple is pleased to have embarked on this journey, although they are feeling the pinch from the inflationary costs of food.

They've noticed the cost for bakery basics, such as flour, eggs and fillings going up anywhere from 10 per cent to 30 per cent. 

The price of meat has also jumped, but Boone said the goal is to keep prices affordable while also coming up with new sandwich ideas.

"We don’t want to increase too much, being new owners," Wang acknowledged, although she said the couple is feeling intense "pressure" to balance costs with expectations. 

Still, the couple say they are happy to be able to keep on the traditions that have been important in many people's lives over the 40 years the bakery has been in Port Coquitlam, under two owners, and now a third.

"We want to see Europe Bakery run for another 20 years we want to make sure it’s healthy and will survive," said Boone.