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Watch: A Vancouver bakery has a Ketchup Chip Cookie. Here's what it tastes like

Does this sound good or gross?
Breka Bakery & Cafe is selling a Ketchup Chip Cookie now through July 1, 2024 in honour of Canada Day at all its locations in Vancouver

I'll admit it: I was intrigued. A Ketchup Chip Cookie? What could that possibly taste like?

Now, I've had pretzels in cookies, and potato chips in cookies, and kelp in cookies...but Canada's iconic snack, ketchup-flavoured chips is a first.

The new cookie comes from Vancouver's popular Breka Bakery & Café chain, now eight locations strong around the city.

I wasted no time getting over to the nearest Breka and, sure enough, there was a tray of the treat in the display case. 

The cookie is a riff on the classic chocolate chip, only it has chocolate chunks, butterscotch chips, and pieces of ketchup potato chips scattered on top.

I'm not sure what I was expecting - maybe something along the lines of sweet, salty and a little tomato-y - and I ended up running the gamut of emotions trying it. 

Apprehension, disgust, excitement, delight, was a journey.

Here's the thing: It's a really delicious cookie. There's a hint of salt, and a nice balance of chocolate and butterscotch, all of which gave it almost a brown sugary banana bread kind of vibe. But the ketchup chips were indiscernible. Even isolating a baked-in chip and it was stripped of its tangy-sweet-salty ketchup (powder) flavour. 

In a way, it's like it failed as an outrageous gimmick cookie succeeded as a terrific cookie - ketchup notwithstanding.

For those curious to try Breka's Ketchup Chip Cookie, all locations of the bakeries will have them daily through the Canada Day long weekend. The cookie is their tribute to Canada for the holiday.

Video: Taste-testing Breka's new Ketchup Chip Cookie

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