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Canada's biggest bubble tea festival takes place in Metro Vancouver this summer

Metro Vancouver is flowing with milk tea and brown sugar pearls these days
Metro Vancouver is getting its very own Bubble Tea Festival in 2020. Photo: Bubble tea/Shutterstock

Not too long ago Vancouverites could joke easily about there being a Starbucks on every corner. But these days it might be wiser to sub in "a bubble tea shop" for the ubiquitous coffee chain, because Metro Vancouver is absolutely flowing in milk tea and brown sugar pearls.

This summer, fans of the Taiwanese beverage will surely want to head to Burnaby to check out the first-ever Vancouver Bubble Tea Festival

Positioned as Canada's biggest bubble tea fest, this brand-new gathering will take place in July at Swangard Stadium.

Admission will be free, though you'll have to buck up for big cups of your favourite sweet drink, as well as food. 

According to organizers, attendees can expect tons of bubble tea, as well as "night market food, performances and entertainment for you to enjoy at the event." There are also plans for a "pearl judging contest" for the public to participate in, and pick your favourite bubble tea of the fest.

Organizers suggest indicating you are interested in the event on Facebook in order to keep up with event news and info.

In the city of Vancouver, bubble tea shops have been given until April of this year to shift away from plastic straws; with the big Bubble Tea Festival going down in neighbouring Burnaby, where there is no straw ban, it's unclear as of now if the vendors will be offering those iconic extra-wide colourful plastic straws with each and every single cup they sell at the event. 

Bubble Tea Festival 2020

When: Sun. July 19 from 10 a.m.-5 p.m.

Where: Swangard Stadium - 3883 Imperial St, Burnaby

Cost: Admission is free, pay for your food & drink