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Vancouver Croissant Crawl: New tasting tour created by local features fun flavours

Choose your own croissant-eating adventure!

Move over, donuts - there's a new tasting tour in town.

From October 1 through 7, fans of one of France's most beloved pastries can take themselves on the first-ever Vancouver Croissant Crawl.

The DIY tour features limited edition croissant flavours and creations at nine participating vendors around the city. 

"When I moved to Vancouver earlier this year, I was in search of new friends, and the best local croissant," explains Crawl creator Laura Wong-Thompson in an email. "The idea for a croissant crawl was born. The Vancouver Croissant Crawl is my love letter to the city, and a croissant celebration for foodies to enjoy together."

The crawl was designed to be self-guided, so you can "choose your own adventure" by creating an itinerary for walking, biking, driving or however you prefer to get about. 

Here is the full list of participating vendors and their feature "crawl" flavours:

  • Bel Cafe (both locations): Churro Croissant (cinnamon and dulce de leche)
  • Cadeaux Bakery: Mash n' Stuffin Croissant (Filled with garlic mash, rosemary bechamel, stuffing frangipane, topped with more stuffing frangipane)
  • Davie Village Bakery: Double Baked Almond Croissant  (twice-baked almond croissant is filled with almond cream and finished with a dusting of icing sugar, and sliced almonds) and Double Baked Pistachio Croissant (signature double-baked pistachio croissant is filled with pistachio cream and topped with icing sugar and crushed pistachios)
  • Lumine Coffee: Apple Crumble Spice Double Baked Croissant (double-baked croissant version of a spiced-apple crumble, topped with caramelized honeycomb candy and vanilla buttercream)
  • Nelson the Seagull: Melktart Croissant (A buttery croissant baked into a muffin shape and filled with a cinnamon spiced melktart custard. Topped with a rooibos tea glaze and a cinnamon cookie crumble)
  • Seasons Bakery: Double Baked Kaya Pomelo
  • Terra Breads (all four locations): Pumpkin Pie Double Baked Croissant (classic butter croissant filled with a pumpkin almond spice cream and a crumble topping)
  • Trafiq Cafe & Bakery: Apricot Streusel Croissant
  • Viva Cafe: Kasama Chocolate Pain Suisse

Limited quantities will be available at each participating location, and some may accept pre-orders. You can follow the Vancouver Croissant Crawl on Instagram at @vancouvercroissantcrawl for more info and for event bonuses, like contesting.