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'An emotional rollercoaster': Vancouver dessert shop known for whimsical treats announces closure

"We've come to realize that the demands of running this business have left us extremely exhausted."

The sibling duo behind a local bakeshop known for its whimsical treats - including being the first in Vancouver to offer the popular mochi mousse cake - have announced they are closing their business, L&J Patisserie, in early December.

The L&J stands for Lyann and Justin, and the pair have been creating beautiful desserts as a business since 2020, first using a commissary space before moving to their brick-and-mortar shop in Marpole.

On Nov. 29, L&J Patisserie revealed on its social media that the treat shop at 7908 Granville St will have its last day of business on Saturday, Dec. 9.

'The demands of running this business have left us extremely exhausted'

The owners explained the reasons for the closure in a heartfelt message shared to the bakery's Instagram:

"This decision comes with a mix of emotions as we reflect on the cherished memories and the incredible support you've given us throughout this journey," they write. 

"However, after much contemplation, we've come to realize that the demands of running this business have left us extremely exhausted. It has been an emotional rollercoaster, balancing our passion for baking with the need to care for our well-being and loved ones."

The bakery business owners continue: "This decision has not been an easy one, but we believe it is necessary to take a step back to recharge."

The siblings add that the closure of L&J Patisserie is "both a farewell and a new beginning," as the change allows them "a chance to cherish the simple joys of life and to focus on finding the balance we so deeply crave."

Bakery specialized in mochi mousse cakes, mochi cream puffs, and 'sleeping bears'

L&J Patisserie may be best known for its mochi mousse cakes, which is a dessert that enjoyed a rush of popularity when the duo began serving the treat in a variety of flavours here in Vancouver. The bakery offers the dessert in flavours like Matcha Strawberry and Peach Hojicha. 

The Marpole bakeshop was also a cafe that served L&J's cakes and treats along with specialty beverages, like hot and cold tea drinks. Among their other dessert offerings were whimsical creations like a "Sleeping Bear," cake which are mousse cakes shaped like a toy bear asleep on its side, in flavours like Earl Grey, Chocolate, or Strawberry. They also serve pudding cups and pudding castella cakes, too, along with their popular mochi cream puffs in a variety of flavours.

Here is L&J's closure announcement from Instagram:

Have a look at some of the bakery's popular creations

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