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Veteran Vancouver vegetarian restaurant announces significant name change and rebrand

What's in a name? For this 13-year-old Vancouver restaurant, the answer is "a lot."
The Burrow, a Vancouver vegetarian and vegan restaurant that was known as "Bandidas" for the last 13 years, will continue serving Mexican fare

Instagram followers of Vancouver Mexican restaurant Bandidas may have found themselves doing a double-take this week when they saw the vegetarian taqueria's handle morph into "The Burrow Restaurant."

The veteran eatery - a longtime beloved destination for the veg-dedicated and veg-curious alike - also revealed details about its recent name change and rebrand, as well as an explanation as to why the menu would be staying the same.

Bandidas was (and The Burrow is) known for its menu of approachable Mexican-inspired dishes including burritos, nachos, and tacos along with hearty bowls, salads, and an acclaimed brunch, all meat-free with abundant fully plant-based options. 

The restaurant's operators explained on social media why after 13 years they felt that the new identity was necessary: "When it came to our attention that the word 'bandidos' can be used as a derogatory term towards people of Hispanic and Latin American descent we knew we needed to make a change."

The Burrow team said the decision-making stage about the rebrand was a "soul-searching process," that also led them to reaffirm its commitment to serving vegetarian Mexican fare. Keeping the same menu allows the restaurant to continue supporting marginalized small business owners who produce the ingredients they use. 

Further, The Burrow says it intends to carry on with its menu in order to not risk floundering as a profitable business, thereby risking having the funds to be able to donate to groups and causes that support marginalized peoples and organizations that fight social barriers. 

With its official re-launch April 5, The Burrow announced some additions to its offerings, including a new community mural at the restaurant by local artist and Mangeshig Pawis-Steckley "Corner Store Extras" for purchase like locally-made plant-based ice cream, vegan frozen foods, and their own house-made cakes. New to the menu are vegan wings, a "Hot Cheesy Dip" (in both vegan and non-vegan versions), a new plant-based breakfast hash called The Willow Bowl, and a "Burrow Smash" cocktail. 

Here is The Burrow's re-naming announcement in full:

The Burrow is located at 2781 Commercial Drive in Vancouver.