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Here are some of the weird and wacky foods you'll find at this year's PNE Fair

Don't panic: There are still plenty (and we mean plenty) of mini donuts

This year's food vendor lineup for the annual Fair at the PNE is packed with all things familiar, fusion, and "what the f is that?"

First, the smallest elephant in the room: There will be mini donuts, and plenty of them. Cin City Donuts and The Little Donut Bakery will be onsite with their tiny but mightily adored little treats.

When it comes to traditional PNE Fair food staples, 2022 is right on track with its array of tornado potatoes, giant hot dogs, freakishly long fries, cotton candy, pretzels, corn dogs, funnel cakes, burgers, ice cream, lemonade, and slushies. 

You will most certainly see legendary vendors, like Hunky Bill's and their iconic plates of Ukrainian fare like perogies and cabbage rolls, as well as Steve-O's deep fried mania where they're dunking anything and everything in batter for a deep golden fry, like Kit-Kat bars. 

There are over 65 vendors on tap for the 2022 Fair at the PNE, and among them are not only the usual suspects but also some local ventures right off the streets of Vancouver, like the NaMi Vietnamese and Sirius Cravings trucks. Every year the vendors try to outdo themselves from previous years by coming up with dishes inspired by global food trends that will tempt your tastebuds and fuel your Instagram feed. 

Here are a few of the new and unusual items the PNE Fair vendors have lined up for this year: 

  • Cotton Candy Noodles (Saltspring Noodle Bar)
  • Korean Squid Ink Corndogs (Little Coco’s Corndogs)
  • Poke taco (Aloha Poke)Poutine Perogies (International Perogies)
  • Beef Brisket Pho Taco (Taco Tigre)
  • Japanese Aburi Corn (Roasted Revolution)
  • Pop Rocks Popcorn Chicken (Chicky's Chicken)
  • Chilicheeseburg Colossal Onion (Colossal Onion)

So while you can dig into rice bowls, mac and cheese, fried chicken, or BBQ, take note of some of the wildest and wackiest dishes that you can find this year at the Fair at the PNE - including a few that made waves earlier this summer next door in Alberta when the vendors hit the midway for the Calgary Stampede.

In fact, while the PNE has teased us with a few 2022 Fair treats we'll see, there are a few that showed up in YYC from the same vendors that haven't been mentioned yet here in Vancouver. Will Summerland be swirling Mac and Cheese Soft Serve? Is Steve-O's slinging deep fried mochi at the PNE? Or will the Fry Guys be serving their Flamin' Hot Cheetos fries here, too? 

Heading to the PNE? Check out the full list of this year's food vendors and plan accordingly. The Fair at the PNE runs Aug. 20-Sept. 5, 2022.