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Alleged hockey league assault lawsuit filed in B.C. Supreme Court

Defendants include another player, BC Hockey, Hockey Canada, Corporation of the City of Langley and Canland Ice Sports Corp.
hockey stick and puck
A man said an on-ice assault left him blind in one eye.

A man alleging an assault in a Langley hockey game is suing that municipality and the federal and provincial hockey bodies.

In a notice of civil claim filed Feb. 13, Patrick Yu-Kit Louie alleges he received an eye injury resulting in blindness as well as other problems as a result of being struck by defendant Edward Dennis Joseph Lalonde.

The claim said Lalonde negligently struck the plaintiff March 5, 2023, ignoring the other defendants’ instructions, rules, training and guidelines if any were in place.

It asserts Lalonde “failed to abide by sportsmanship expectations and to play the game fairly and honourably, by negligently causing injuries to the plaintiff.”

Also named as defendants are the Corporation of the City of Langley, Canland Ice Sports Corp., BC Hockey and Hockey Canada.

The claim asserts the other defendants were negligent and vicariously liable for not ensuring Louie would be safe, fostered an environment for unsafe behaviour, ought to have known of Lalonde’s alleged propensities, failed to ban Lalonde and failed to train staff and contractors properly.

In addition to blindness, Louie claims vision problems, cognitive deficits, psychological injuries, chronic pain, chronic fatigue and sleep disruption.

None of the allegations have been proven in court.

Only Canland Sport responded to a request for comment by deadline.

“We are aware of Patrick Louie’s injury and have been working with him to make the appropriate claim on the (Adult Safe Hockey League – ASHL) accident insurance policy, which is provided by Hockey Canada to all players in the ASHL,” said Canland executive vice-president Michael Gellard.

“We have not received a statement of claim from Mr., Louie, and therefore have no comment at this time,” Gellard said.