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B.C. man awarded $936 in snowboarding mountain ride dispute

One man didn't have a ride to the ski hill and the other didn't have equipment.
One friend advanced another money for snowboarding gear, B.C.’s Civil Resolution Tribunal has ruled.

B.C.’s Civil Resolution Tribunal has ordered a man to pay a former friend $936 for snowboarding equipment.

In an Oct. 26 decision, tribunal member Micah Carmody said Tito Carmichael Quiachon wanted to snowboard but did not have the necessary equipment. Kevin William Snyder, meanwhile, wanted to snowboard but did not have the necessary transportation.

The pair later fell out and Quiachon only gave Snyder four rides before refusing to do so any further.

In November 2022, the parties went shopping together for snowboards, bindings and other equipment, Carmody said. Snyder paid for everything.

Quiachon told the tribunal Snyder made the purchases as gifts. When shopping for snowboard gear, Quiachon said Snyder loudly said things to the effect of “I got you,” so that everyone in the stores knew Snyder had money and was paying.

Quiachon said Snyder was “flexing” or showing off cash “like rappers do.”

Snyder didn’t deny doing that.

Carmody said that was insufficient to establish the purchases were gifts.

“I find that saying ‘I got you’ is ambiguous as it could indicate an intention to give or loan money for a purchase,” Carmody said.

In text messages, Snyder said he would contribute $300 for the gear because Quiachon was going to be driving both parties to the ski hill “every weekend.”

The tribunal member said a loan is also more consistent with Quiachon’s submission that while shopping Snyder pressured him to buy things he could not afford.

Carmody found that reflects Quiachon’s understanding that ultimately he, not Snyder, was buying the items, and he was required to reimburse Snyder.

Carmody said Snyder advanced cash for the purchase.

Carmody deduced $60 from the total payment arrived at to cover the four rides to the hill.

Quiachon claimed Snyder brought the tribunal claim in retaliation because he refused to give him rides to the ski mountain.