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B.C. man jailed for cannabis store B&E, motorcycle theft

Warren Mark Spence broke into Vancouver's Team Cannabis store and took $2,500 worth of merchandise and a Yamaha motorcycle.
Vancouver Provincial Court.

A B.C. man was sentenced May 28 to six months’ jail time for breaking into a Vancouver store and stealing merchandise and a motorcycle.

Warren Mark Spence was charged with break and enter with intent to commit an offence, motor vehicle theft, possession of a break-in instrument and breaching a probation order.

Spence pleaded guilty to breaking and entering and failing to report to his probation officer.

Crown prosecutor Heather Burley told Vancouver Provincial Court Judge Nicholas Preovolos that Spence gained entry to the Team Cannabis store at 950 West Broadway through a window and took $2,500 worth of merchandise and a Yamaha motorcycle.

Burley said police found Spence nearby and recovered the merchandise.

She said the motorcycle was found dumped in a nearby parking garage and was returned to the owner.

Defence lawyer Zack Myers told the judge his client has had substance abuse issues and is now seeking heroin replacement therapy.

“He hasn’t been using in custody,” Myers told the court.

Spence has a record for property offences.

With 107 days’ credit for time served in custody awaiting sentencing, Preovolos said Spence has an additional 73 days left in jail.

The judge sentenced Spence to one day for the breach conviction.