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B.C. man must repay loan and cash for cigarettes

Carol Cantrill won't be getting $250 for Mario Zappala allegedly missing a meeting to repay her.
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B.C.'s Civil Resolution Tribunal has ordered a man to repay a loan.

A B.C. man has been ordered by the Civil Resolution Tribunal to repay a loan and the cost of two packs of smokes.

Carol Cantrill claimed she loaned Mario Zappala $1,000 for driving lessons but had only received $200 back, according to the March 22 decision from tribunal member Kate Campbell.

Cantrill also said she gave Zappala two packages of cigarettes, which she valued at $30. She requested an order from the tribunal that Zappala pay her $830. 

Cantrill claimed Zappala agreed to meet her at a bus stop on April 16, 2023 to make a loan payment, but did not attend. She wanted $250 for the missed meeting.

Zappala admitted to owing Cantrill money for the loan and the cigarettes but denied missing their meeting. Zappala had agreed to pay Cantrill back in instalments and Zappala agreed he had only repaid $200. 

So, the tribunal made the payment order.

The missed meeting claim, though, didn’t fare as well.

“I find Mrs. Cantrill has shown no legal basis for this claim,” Campbell said. “The parties had no written loan agreement. There is no suggestion their verbal agreement included a term entitling Mrs. Cantrill to a penalty for missed payments or missed meetings. I find missing the meeting was not a breach of contract.

"I also see no legal reason why Mrs. Cantrill would be entitled to damages for the missed meeting. So, I dismiss this claim,” Campbell said.